No, Your POS Ford Fusion Isn’t a Luxury Car

Two black used luxury vehicles are parked in front of a castle after leaving a used luxury car dealership.

We all know somebody who has a misguided view of how things work in this world. For example, wearing a Brunello Cucinelli suit from Neiman Marcus does not make you any more special than the dude wearing a suit from the clearance rack at JCPenny. It’s these very same people who somehow think that they own a luxury car just because it’s a high trim or they got it with a luxury package. Nobody cares that your Ford Fusion has a heated steering wheel or leather seats; it’s still just a POS Ford Fusion. And in no way does driving anything other than a Karma Revero or a Maserati Quattroporte GTS GranLusso garner you any status symbol points. True luxury cars are six figures, and only those who make the big bucks can afford them. To the half-wits out there boasting about their Audi or BMW, take note because you aren’t any better than the rest of us. Before heading down to your used luxury car dealership in hopes of buying a model that will boost your ego, know that whatever luxury model you buy, you will remain the same loser you are right now.

Nobody Is Impressed by Your Lexus

While there are people who believe that status is reflected by the car you drive, most smart people understand that is bullcrap. Driving an Audi just means that you know how to make bad decisions. Just like the majority of the population, idiots who own pseudo-luxury cars live paycheck to paycheck. Sure, they forked out 50 grand for a nice ride, but they can’t afford regular routine maintenance because it’s so expensive. No kidding, there are Audi owners who maintain a GoFundMe page to cover the car’s expenses. It’s about time these types of people get a clue and realize that the sticker price on a car isn’t an indicator of success, financial or otherwise. It just means you should have paid more attention in your economics class at the local community college.

What’s worse than people who think BMWs and Jaguars are indications of status and prestige are those who really do believe their run-of-the-mill Chevy or Ford is a luxury vehicle. It’s not all their fault; of course, much of the blame can be put on the auto manufacturers. Ford, Toyota, Nissan, and all the other manufacturers will do just about anything to sell a car or two. Read through the engaging content on the websites of auto manufacturers, and the word luxury is used indiscriminately to describe several aspects of their products. And as we are typical Americans who can only manage to think about ways we can impress everybody else, we fall for their shenanigans. That luxury package you anted up for when buying your Ford Focus didn’t change your social status, and now you have even more useless crap in your car that can break.

Stop Thinking Like an American

The British might be known as pompous twits, but Americans have a reputation of being excessive idiots. A typical American is all too happy to dole out an excessive amount of money for a car they think will impress their neighbors, friends, and anybody who sees them driving down the road. The reality of the matter is they wind up with hefty car payments they can barely scrape the money up for every month for the next eight years. At least when the economy goes to hell, and they lose their job and have their house foreclosed on them, they will have a nice car to live in down by the river. Play it smart and buy a car that you can afford, even if it is a Civic or Corolla, even if it doesn’t come with a luxury package.


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