Kids are growing up quicker than ever. Decades ago, you wouldn’t see younger individuals attempting to get faded until they were in their late teens or early 20s. Nowadays, 10-year-olds are popping laundry detergent in an attempt to impress their friends and get a little buzz.

Well, like any good car brand, Fiat is attempting to capitalize on this childish ignorance (and their parents’ apparent submissiveness). That’s why the car brand has teamed up with Tide to create the Fiat-Tide Pod Challenge. Now, these young individuals will have to do more than swallow a tiny tab containing laundry detergent. Rather, they’ll have to proceed to drive around in their parent’s Fiat despite the fact that they  DON’T HAVE A LICENSE. SHIT BE CRAZY!!!

“Yea, that’s right, Fiat is now tuning in with our younger fans,” the brand said in a statement. “in an attempt to show how cool we really are, we’re introducing the Fiat-Tide Pod Challenge. Go pop one of those tasty laundry pills, steal your parent’s keys, and go for a joy ride. We promise you’ll be way too popular to ever get grounded.”

Naturally, some stupid teenagers around the globe are already embracing the challenge. J.C. Tromblay of Tampa, Florida was recently arrested for taking his parents’ vehicle without permission (the elders didn’t end up pressing charges). The next day, Tromblay claimed that he was the most popular person at school.

“Everyone was looking at me and pointing,” he said. “I was, like, the coolest kid around. Now, thanks to me, kids can’t just take a Tide Pod to be cool. They’ve got to take a Tide Pod and steal their parent’s Fiat.”

Naturally, some parents aren’t too happy with the latest viral challenge. Jon Montgomery of Indianapolis, Indiana said he’s considering selling his Fiat due to his child’s penchant for participating in all of the latest phases.

“I absolutely won’t tolerate my kid taking Tide Pods and then driving my brand-new Fiat through the streets,” he said. “if he wants to take Tide Pods, that’s fine. After all, they look like little candies, so I really can’t blame him. However, I draw the line when it comes to my Fiat. If that car gets wrecked, how else am I supposed to prove that my wife never sleeps with me?”

Meanwhile, some children have even protested the new challenge, claiming that it’s much too inclusive to go viral. Jeannie Movement, a teenager who attends Middletown Regional North High School, notes that not every family owns a Fiat, meaning the challenge is only reserved for an exclusive number of children.

“How can we participate in the Fiat-Tide Pod Challenge if my parents only own Jeeps?” she said. “They’re such squares, but they refused to buy a Fiat.”

As a result, some children are now breaking into Fiat dealerships to steal their cars and complete the so-called “challenge.” This has led to a string of arrests around the country.

For what it’s worth, Tide continues to distance themselves from the controversy.

“Yea, don’t eat fucking Tide Pods,” they said in a straight-forward statement. “Unless you’re a moron, we don’t understand why you’d think that this is a good idea. Just don’t do it. Go ahead and steal a Fiat, but don’t eat laundry detergent.”


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