It was recently revealed that British luxury automaker Jaguar was forced to abandon development of a new offering, following backlash regarding its proposed name. Conceived as a special edition successor to the 2-door F-Type and crossover F-Pace, the vehicle stood to create a historic link between Great Britain and Ireland. This was, of course, due to it being a joint project with ONE, the charity foundation led by U2’s philanthropic frontman, Bono.

The ONE foundation, which is designed to raise funding and awareness to combat global poverty and preventable disease. A more public division, RED has partnered ‘with some of the world’s most iconic brands’  to generate more than $465 million towards HIV testing and care, in stricken African nations.

Teaming up with the foundation, Jaguar was tasked with the development of an iconic limited edition vehicle, of which there would only be fifty made. All fifty vehicles would be painted with a bold Red paint, linking it to its philanthropic roots, and would then be auctioned off to the highest bidders.

Tad Smith, President, and CEO of Sotheby’s, had publicly voiced his support of the endeavor volunteering his company’s services to facilitate the high-profile auction. “Sotheby’s is honored to be included in the beneficent distribution of these very special vehicles. Considering that the iconic 1966 Jaguar XJ13 is valued at $15 million, it stands to reason that the auction of fifty limited edition Jaguar could fetch upwards of $250 million from our philanthropic community. We can only begin to imagine what could be accomplished by such dedicated partners as ONE, RED and Jaguar.’

On more than one occasion, Bono (57) had been criticized for a disparity between claims made by his foundation, and the steps actually taken. However, throughout the development and public campaign of this project, there seemed to be nothing but enthusiasm regarding from all parties involved. That is until, Jaguar’s unveiling of the prototype earlier this month in Whitley, Coventry, England.

An audience of hundreds had gathered for the unveiling. Consisting of Jaguar executives, members of the charity organization, multi-national government officials and countless celebrities, the anticipation was palpable. The house lights dropped into complete darkness, as U2’s ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’ began to play. Gradually rising in the volume, searchlights scanned the audience, heightening the tension for 1 minute and 10 seconds until the musical crescendo.

And at that moment, a massive spotlight shone upon a dais placed centrally on the stage; and upon it, sat the bold red vehicle in all of its magnificent Jaguar glory. Behind it, LED screens surged with a solid red background a solitary black silhouette of none other than Bono, himself.

He spoke. “Brothers and sisters. No longer can we run. No longer can we hide. Together we will tear down the walls that hold us inside. We must. For Africa.”

The crowd immediately broke into a frenzy. Bono continued…

“I am honored to present to you…the Limited Edition….2018 Jaguar F-U2 Africa!”

And the crowd immediately went silent…

No-one could be reached for comment.

(Hell, even The Lemon doesn’t want to touch this one with ten-foot pole…)


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