Kevin Spacey Accused of Taking Ford F-150 for Test Drive Without Consent

A security cam photograph depicting actor Kevin Spacey standing nervously in front of a Ford dealership after violating several Ford trucks for sale.

Hollywood, CA— To say that actor Kevin Spacey has had a fall from grace in light of the accusations made against him a few years ago would certainly be accurate. Spacey, who was once known for his performances in The Usual Suspects, American Beauty, and the Netflix Series House of Cards, was just one of many prominent figures who were held accountable for past transgressions in the wake of the #MeToo movement. It appears that there are more accusations being leveled at the actor, most recently from Anderson Ford, a dealership that specializes in new and used Ford trucks for sale. The investigations are still pending, but employees who work at the dealership have accused Spacey of taking an F-150 for a test drive without the consent of the dealership and against the wishes of the truck itself.

Authorities say the disgraced actor arrived at the dealership at approximately 9:00 AM last Saturday. Employees reported that Spacey seemed disheveled and appeared to be coming down off of a bender that might have made Martin Lawrence seem ashamed. “He was groping at the doors of a used Ford Focus,” one employee recalled, “and at one point had his mouth on the windows as he began fiddling with the door handles and whispering obscene comments. Spacey then took it upon himself to get behind the wheel of an all-new F-150 and take the vehicle for a test drive.

“We would have probably let him,” Carl Reider, a floor manager at the dealership, admitted, “but he didn’t ask, and he just assumed that just because he’s a big-time Hollywood star, he can do what he wishes without fear of reprisal or any repercussions.” And this is what appears to be the consensus of the employees who work at the dealership. Many have come forward and spoken out against the actor’s actions and said that permission and consent are two aspects that need to be adhered to at every dealership, no matter who the customer might be.

However, not everyone feels the same way. Two employees, Richard Gonzales and Paul Hamlin, who weren’t at work the day the incident occurred, have decided to give the actor the benefit of the doubt. “Just because someone accuses someone of something doesn’t mean it happened,” Gonzales told us. “The #MeToo feminist bullshit has gone too far…” Hamlin stated. “Look at the damage it’s done to many prominent careers. And now someone’s leveling accusations against an actor for taking a vehicle for a test drive…I didn’t see it, so it’s another one of those he said/she said situations.”

Ford has been quick to respond to these accusations and released a statement a few days ago regarding the ongoing investigation. “Ford has been an American institution for well over a century. We take the recent allegations very seriously and want to assure all of our vehicles that they have a right to be put on display at any dealership or showroom and have the right not to be assaulted, groped, touched, and, most recently, test driven without consent from the dealership or any other employees that work for the Ford motor company.”

While Kevin Spacey could not be reached for comments on these recent allegations, his representative did release a statement stating that the actor was “not himself” and “had most recently suffered a bout of nervous exhaustion that had impaired his judgment.” It’s unclear what this most recent event means for Ford, but it appears to be another nail in the coffin for Spacey’s career and a reminder that we truly don’t know the actors we see on screen and should judge them by their actions. We plan on keeping our readers informed as this investigation continues.


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