Chevy Announces Exciting New Features for Police Vehicles

A 2023 Chevy Blazer EV PPV is shown.

It’s no secret that folks like you and me are only a small part of the customer base that provides income for massive corporations like General Motors (GM) and other auto manufacturers. A significant portion of their revenue comes from corporate and government contracts – they provide vehicles to the military, law enforcement, and other government agencies for amounts of money that would be inconceivable to you and me. As such, they also put a lot of research and development into creating new systems and features for these clients. Chevy recently revealed their Blazer EV PPV, an all-electric police vehicle designed for pursuits, but they had even more to show off. I was invited to a special, behind-closed-doors conference where Chevy showed off its latest and most remarkable police offerings.

New Law Enforcement Drive Modes

One of Chevy’s most impressive car features, in general, is their Traction Select System and Driver Mode Control, which lets drivers select between different modes to handle changing road conditions. By selecting a particular Drive Mode, the vehicle will automatically adjust torque, steering responsiveness, and other systems to boost fuel economy, improve traction, or give power to where the vehicle needs it. Models like the Chevy Colorado feature modes like Normal for daily driving, Tow/Haul for pulling a trailer, and Off-Road for hitting the trail.

Chevy’s latest police vehicles will feature two exclusive Drive Modes not found on other models. By selecting “Ivory,” the police vehicle will engage an inhibitor that places a maximum limit on the vehicle’s speed – this improves fuel economy and ensures the safety of the driver, though if used during a pursuit, the suspect may be able to escape. On the other hand, by activating the “Ebony” drive mode, the vehicle will emphasize performance over anything else, ensuring that a suspect cannot escape and making it easier to ram them off the road or strike them with the vehicle if preferable.

Integrated Dash Cams With Advanced AI

In order to improve the safety of law enforcement officers, all new Chevy police vehicles will come with an integrated dashboard camera. This new camera will engage automatically when the siren or lights are activated, recording everything that happens in front of the vehicle. All of these models will include Chevy’s latest MyShield system that features advanced AI technology programmed to automatically edit any footage captured on the dash cam that might be considered inflammatory or portrays officers in a negative way. This will instantly delete any footage as soon as police officers discharge their weapons and digitally render a firearm into the hands of every suspect to better portray the world seen by the brave men and women of law enforcement.

Special Uvalde Edition

Although Chevy has not yet revealed all of its plans for upcoming police vehicles, they did tease a new special edition for the Blazer EV PPV – the Uvalde Edition. This model comes with features mentioned above: the Ebony and Ivory Drive Modes and dash cam with MyShield system – as well as unique badging and seats made from luxurious calfskin chosen from an exclusive selection of 19 calves. Unique to the Uvalde Edition is a special Pig Mode modeled after the popular “Dog Mode” found in modern Tesla vehicles.

When Pig Mode is activated, the vehicle will activate its climate controls to keep the interior at a comfortable preset temperature. In addition to this, the doors will lock to protect the officer within the vehicle, the massage function of the driver’s seat will activate, and a right-wing podcast will start playing through the Bose sound system to drown out the nightmare unfolding outside. All of this ensures that officers remain comfortable inside their vehicles and are away from harm. I’m pleased to see Chevy commemorating the courage and dignity of the thin yellow line that trickled from the pants of the brave Uvalde officers when they were presented with actual danger and chose to cower in safety while children were murdered.

Editor’s Note: We don’t blame Chevy for going after that lucrative police market; police contracts are big business, and Ford has been the industry leader for a long time. Ford profits from about two-thirds of police vehicles in the US. In these unprecedented times, it’s nice to know that some precedents can still be relied upon. Thank you.


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