Chevy Announces Return of Bolt EV and Future Plans

A man is shown with his hand on his forehead as small Chevy Bolt EVs and EUVs float behind him.

Recently, drivers were saddened to learn that the Chevy Bolt EV was being discontinued. As the most affordable and impressively flammable electric vehicle on the market, its removal would be felt by many drivers. Even more recently, however, drivers were saddened to learn that the Chevy Bolt EV was returning with an all-new generation and a full redesign. Why did Chevy announce the end of this line and then its return, rather than simply reveal an all-new generation?

Legacy of the Chevy Bolt EV

First introduced at some point in time, the Chevy Bolt EV became an immediate part of the auto industry and one of the vehicles. People fell in love with the Bolt EV when they noticed that it delivered all-electric range and performance while also being markedly affordable. This was, arguably, the most important detail about the Bolt EV. Unlike the Tesla Model 3 at the time, people could actually buy it, and afford it, too. In a world with so many EVs that are completely out of reach for many drivers, the Bolt EV seemed to exist solely to provide an affordable electric option.

The Bolt EV was eventually joined by another model: the Bolt EUV, an electric utility vehicle. Whereas the standard Bolt EV was a small hatchback, the Bolt EUV was a small crossover built on basically the same frame and architecture. With its crossover design, the Bolt EUV provided more room inside for passengers and greater cargo capacity. At least, that’s what I’d like to say because that would make sense, but that wasn’t the case. The 2023 Bolt EV had 57 cu.ft. of cargo volume while the 2023 Bolt EUV had 56.9 cu.ft. True, that’s not much difference, but it does make me wonder why the supposedly more practical Bolt EUV even exists.

Of course, the true legacy of the Chevy Bolt EV is, and always will be, a fiery one. The Bolt EV was one of the most successful and popular vehicles on the market in terms of bursting into flames. According to Chevy, the Bolt EV offers best-in-class flammability, class-leading combustibility, and best-in-class bursts-into-flames-repeatedly-even-after-firefighters-have-put-it-out-and-it’s-been-towed-to-a-dealership-where-it-erupts-into-a-fiery-smoldering-ruin-once-again. And yet, Chevy sold record numbers of the Bolt EV and EUV models in 2022, so drivers were apparently into the whole “will burn down your house” thing.

Return of the Chevy Bolt EV

With how popular the Bolt EV and EUV have become, I was shocked when Chevy announced it was coming to an end following the 2023 model year. They had just lowered the prices on the Bolt EV by $5,900 per model and the Bolt EUV by $6,300 per model for 2023, making the most accessible EV on the market even more affordable. This meant they had to kill it, of course, because the poors were enjoying something, and we can’t have that, now, can we?

Imagine my surprise, then, when Chevy recently announced that the Bolt EV is coming back, set to return alongside their growing EV lineup. It will use the Ultium battery platform this time, rather than the third-party stuff that was so impressively willing to self-immolate, which means it will probably have more impressive performance. I’m guessing it will also be more expensive than before, because why not? Everything else is these days.

Marketing Done Right

Why did Chevy discontinue the Bolt EV, only to announce its return nearly in the same breath? Marketing! Sure, they could’ve simply announced a new generation and full redesign for the Bolt EV, but that would’ve only earned headlines once. This way, we had to read about it twice. It’s perfect.

In fact, going forward, Chevy is going to take this approach with all of its vehicles every year. As part of an innovative new Keep Rollin’ program, each year Chevy will announce that they’ve discontinued all of their models. Then, about six months later, they’ll reveal which vehicles are coming back the following year. It’ll be like watching TV shows and waiting to find out whether they’ve been renewed or canceled, and who doesn’t love that? Truly, Chevy’s commitment to innovation and leading the industry knows no bounds.

Editor’s Note: We’re pretty sure this isn’t all that unusual, but we only skimmed this article and didn’t fully read it. Simon brought cake in today—it’s not even anyone’s birthday, he just brought in a cake—so we’re all pretty checked-out at the moment. Mmm, cake.


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