People Keep Mistaking Nissan’s Xtronic Transmission for a Popular DJ

A white 2023 Nissan Sentra for sale is shown DJing an EDM concert.

Nissan recently announced that their 2024 Nissan Sentra for sale will have a new continuously variable automatic transmission by the name of Xtronic. However, this has caused some confusion in the house music scene, of all places, because of a DJ who goes by the same name.

Both house music venues and Nissan dealerships have been facing an increase in frustrated and confused customers since Nissan released the Xtronic transmission. Xtronic, the DJ, known for high-energy and often X-rated songs. He plays at major nightclubs and electric party music festivals and concerts.

Now, people have been showing up at Nissan dealerships, fully decked out in music festival attire, demanding to see Xtronic, claiming they read online that this is where they’d find him.

“Last week, about a dozen 19-year-olds wearing nothing but neon fishnet stockings and nipple tassels who had clearly partaken in, let’s just say, a certain party substance, stumbled into our dealership in the middle of the day, demanding to see Xtronic,” said one Nissan dealership associate.

The Nissan salesperson explained that the hopeful concertgoers started dancing on desks and asking when the “opening act” would begin. One music lover went over to a child who was at the dealership with their family, wearing a Mickey Mouse mask and said “Woah. I didn’t know deadmau5 and Xtronic were performing together.”

Reportedly, one group of Xtronic fans that always arrives at concerts via helicopter hovered over the dealership for a half hour, calling down and demanding that a helipad be set up.

“I have tried to explain to them that Xtronic is not a DJ, but a feature in the Nissan Sentra,” shared one of the dealership employees. “But they just keep touching my face and saying my skin feels like space dust.”

Nissan Customers Are Confused, Too

On the other side of the issue, hopeful Sentra buyers have been confusing the price of Xtronic concert tickets for the price of the continuously variable transmission.

“Shoppers have called us, complaining that they can’t believe the Xtronic costs $400 to add to the vehicle, and that they keep getting redirected to Ticketmaster when they try to look into it,” said one Nissan representative.

Nissan has been putting out statements on its website and across its social media platforms explaining that Xtronic, the DJ, is not the same as Xtronic, the transmission, and that the transmission costs nothing to add to the vehicle.

An Unwanted Partnership and a Potential Lawsuit

The DJ Xtronic’s representatives reportedly reached out to Nissan’s public relations team and suggested a collaboration between the two. They brought up the idea of Xtronic, the DJ, bringing the raw parts of one of the Xtronic transmission systems onto stage with him and incorporating it into his act somehow. Given the DJ’s notoriously X-rated and sometimes offensive lyrics, Nissan does not want to move forward with the collaboration, according to sources. In response to Nissan’s collaboration hesitancy, rumor now has it that the DJ plans to sue Nissan for stealing his name, unless they go forward with the partnership.

Meanwhile, more Nissan dealerships across the country have reported ravers storming their businesses, scaring customers and dancing on top of cars in barely-there outfits and neon furry boots. One raver recently left a Yelp review for a Nissan dealership that said, “Had the best molly trip here. The opening act was stellar. Concessions stands were alright, mostly really old and tiny Snickers bars. A lot of people were wearing suits, which was weird, but still, Xtronic delivered as always.” That reviewer, who shall remain anonymous, was later hospitalized for a cocaine overdose.


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