Trump Shows “Loyalty” to American Products in a Self-Made Toyota Commercial

In a comparison of 2023 Toyota Highlander vs 2023 Honda Pilot, Biden sniffs chimpanzee.

If you’re currently deciding between the 2023 Toyota Highlander vs 2023 Honda Pilot, you should probably know that Donald Trump has plans to increasingly limit any vehicles or products not made in the U.S. in order to make America dumb again… uh, we mean, broke again… great again! That’s it.

That’s right, the former President has vowed that if he gets re-elected, he’ll stop allowing the sale of any foreign-made items in the U.S. The President has reportedly said he believes this will create more domestic jobs by creating greater demand of local manufacturers, thereby forcing those companies to hire more employees. The thousands of factories building products in the U.S. for companies based overseas, and businesses selling them right here on American soil, are beside the point.

The President released a video that’s been circling Twitter. It appears to be a collaboration with Toyota, and rumor has it the former President was allowed to get creative with how he promoted the vehicle. Toyota just asked that he to do so in a way that would speak to his audience. So he, of course, wanted to appeal to his MAGA fans.

Sitting in his Highlander, the former President spoke into his phone’s camera and said, “I am a proud driver of a Toyota Highlander, which is simply the best vehicle and way better than the Honda Pilot, which is a stupid vehicle.” (Nobody ever called Trump a wordsmith.) The businessman continues, “I stand by Toyota because I vow to only shop American brands from now on.”

Twitter users filled the comment section reminding the former politician of one pretty important detail. Despite its participation in NASCAR, a sport as American as apple pie, guns, and cheating on your taxes, Toyota is a Japanese company.

“Your loyalty to American products is about as real as your toupee,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Sure, you ‘only shop American.’ Since we’re saying anything, then your wife also ‘truly loves you and isn’t with you for your money,’” wrote another commenter.

In the video, in which Trump proclaims it’s “All-American brands for me from now on,” the billionaire is wearing an Italian-made Armani suit, Versace sunglasses, and using a selfie stick made by a famous Chinese brand.

Trump continues to show off the various features of the 2023 Highlander while actually revealing just how many foreign-made items he owns. When showing off the Highlander’s spacious trunk and configurable cargo area, viewers can see boxes of Cuban cigars peeking out from beneath a seat.

At one point, Trump wanted to demonstrate how the voice command features works in the Highlander. He asked the system to look up a nearby spa, and it began listing off recent ones the ex-President had visited, which happened to all be Thai massage parlors. When Trump tried to show off the vehicle’s smartphone compatibility, he ran into an issue because the feature doesn’t work with ancient Nokia phones, which is what Trump uses.
When he was showing how spacious the console was for little miscellaneous items, Trump shut the lid as quickly as he opened it. He appeared to be nervous, and some Twitter commenters say they spotted something suspicious.

“Excuse me, but…did I just see a note signed, ‘With Love, Putin??’” asked one viewer.

“Okay, that was definitely a shirtless photo of Vladimir Putin,” wrote another Twitter user.

The best part of all was when Trump started showing the driver assist features working in real time. He began taking the vehicle for a test drive, and French traffic signs were clearly visible out the windows.

It seems the former President made his video about being “All-American, all the time,” in a Japanese vehicle, in Italian clothing, while in France. An anonymous source states that the President had his Highlander shipped to Cannes so he could drive it there during the film festival to show off his “American Pride.”

Toyota has allegedly pulled their partnership deal with Trump, and has opted instead to create an entirely new campaign with a much more reliable actor: a trained chimpanzee who has a lot of IMDB credits.


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