Chevy Trucks Become “Official Truck of Waste Water Treatment”

Man holding nose with foam number 2 hand in front of bursting sewage pipes

Winthrop, MA – We’re not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s a running joke among Waste Water Treatment professionals that the industry is “the shit”. While it could be an enthusiastic endorsement of their vocation, the opportunities that it affords them and the manner in which it benefits their local communities, it could also be interpreted as a sarcastic indictment of sorts. We’ll let you be the judge.

That said, the humorous (and fitting) turn of phrase represents the kind of clever wordplay employed by marketers to humanize the products and/or services offered by a company, and make it feel more accessible to the everyday consumer. While one might not think of a wastewater treatment facility as requiring consumer enthusiasm, it certainly benefits from goodwill and a strong relationship with the community. This helps to strengthen the facility in the eyes of the people that it serves and to minimize any concerns about negative environmental impact. That said, it’s not unusual for such facilities to employ (or enlist the help of) public relations professionals.

The Deere Island Waste Water Treatment Facility in Winthrop, MA is no exception. Having recently contracted Revere-based PR agent, Amanda Mazzarello, the goal was “to create and further a light-hearted reputation that aligns the facility, and its staff, with the fun-loving people of Winthrop”. The first action taken with this goal in mind? The acquisition of eighteen brand-new Chevy trucks for sale, to serve as the official vehicles of Deere Island staffers.

Why? According to Deere Island’s Operations Manager, Brian Jones, “The Chevy Silverado is known for the dependability and versatility that makes it America’s second-favorite truck. This makes it a natural fit for Deere Island. Think about it…the Silverado is ‘Number Two’. And all day long we play around with….yup…you guessed it. Number Two.”

For those who may not be well-versed in excretory euphemisms, ‘Number Two’ is commonly used to describe fecal matter (with ‘Number One’ used to identify urine). That said, it’s pretty funny. In a public unveiling, open to the community, the announcement was met with laughter and applause. It was complemented by the facility’s decision to purchase dozens of ‘poop emoji’ pillows for children to take home. And the idea of using the second-most popular truck is a fairly clever move by Mazzarello, earning her accolades which greatly exceed those enjoyed by her predecessor, Tracy Ahnkuk.

Ankhuk, who was relieved of duty back in May, had been less successful in terms of facilitating the kind of small changes that further goodwill. Consider her decision to introduce a superhero mascot, attempting to play off the popularity of superhero movies in today’s cinematic culture. While seemingly a good idea, “Craptain America” created instant legal woes for the municipality. Marvel Comics Ltd. was quick to file a lawsuit over trademark infringement, shutting down the campaign and creating a loss of tens of thousands of dollars.

So, here’s to Number Two. Long live the Deuce!


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