Dealership Inspires NH Men to Share Their Love (of Burritos)

Two men in Burrito Bae shirts are in a restaurant with burritos in front of them.

Peterborough, NH –  A newly-opened local business in a small southern New Hampshire town is changing what it means to “put it in your mouth,” and it’s all thanks to the shared experience of its two owners at a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership.

Yosh Billings and Niall Murray (both aged 22) were friends and longtime co-workers whose relationship might have been best described as a ‘blossoming bromance.’ Not only did they spend fifty hours a week in each other’s company, but they also chose to spend additional time with one another outside of work.

“We do what all guys our age like to do,” explains Yosh. “We like to go out, grab a few beers.”

“Meet girls,” adds Niall. “Play video and board games.”

“Get burritos!” they both contribute in unison (causing us all to break in laughter, despite an awkward longing glance that they seemed to hold with one another).

Two men sharing a drink at the movies are bonding after visiting a Buy Here Pay Here dealer together.

Above: This could be Yosh and Niall, but how the hell would they get there? Also, what’s HER problem?“I needed to get a new car,” said Niall. “Well, new to me anyway. But I had some restrictions due to my finances, so I wasn’t sure if any dealerships were going to help me.”

Fortunately for Murray, Billings had prior experience with a local Buy Here Pay Dealership that had helped him to secure financing after he returned to the United States after a brief stint as a French Legionnaire. In turn, he offered to accompany his friend to Granite State Motors in the hope of finding him an ideal new vehicle.

“They did right by me,” said Billings. “I was confident that they could help out my boy, Niall.”

And help him they did, with Murray acquiring a low-mileage 2014 Toyota Camry with little-to-no-financing hassles.

“Everything in life should be that easy,” said Murray. “And it got me thinking, why can’t it? I mean, if there’s something someone really wants, why can’t they have it? Because they don’t have the right credit score? Or don’t have enough money? Or because society still hasn’t come around to the fact that two straight men can find comfort and emotional support in an extended embrace?”

Billings places his hand on Murrays, before interlocking pinkies, “For example… Me and my boy Niall, here? We love burritos. Chipotle is our jam, but sometimes we don’t want to drive to Keene [a small city 20 miles west, best-known for its inclusion in the 1995 film Jumanji]. There’s a good place here in town that we like, but some people might not be able to afford it.”

“Yeah,” adds Murray, miming the eating of a burrito. “All they want to do is put something delicious in their mouth, like this… But they can’t. We wanted to help them.”

And help them out, Yosh Billings and Niall Murray have. Quitting their jobs they have opened a new business that they call ‘Burrito Bae.’

“Sure,” explains Billings. “At the ten-thousand-foot level, ‘Burrito Bae’ specializes in introducing tube-shaped meat delivery systems to welcoming mouths that are ready to receive them. But we like to think that we’re much more than that.”

Murray nods in agreement, “We like to think that we offer a true judgment-free experience around here. Just come in, tell us what you want, and we’ll put it in your mouth. More importantly, we don’t turn anyone away simply because of their inability to pay. Pay what you can. Pay nothing at all. Sure, Peterborough is a fairly affluent community with a median income of $72,197 but all are welcome here.”

So, if you’re in the mood to put some meat in your mouth, and are comfortable watching two non-romantic life partners lip-synch Journey’s “Loving, Touching, Squeezing” to one another, you need to head over ‘Burrito Bae’ in Peterborough, NH.

A tattoo across a man's knuckles reads 'burritos'.
The new coordinating tattoos being sported by the owners of ‘Burrito Bae’

According to Yosh and Niall, that’s the ‘Burrito Bae’ Way…



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