David Dobrik Gives Away Nissan Lease

A young man is holding keys in front of his garage with a red Nissan sedan and a Nissan Lease Giveaway text over laid.

David Dobrik, the king of clickbait, has established himself as a content creator on an up and coming indie site called YouTube. Though he himself has multiple cars, two of which are a Tesla and a Ferrari, he is known for buying his friends, family, and strangers nice cars too. This time, he’s “giving away” a Nissan lease! That’s right, he’s not only helping his friends get a vehicle, but helping them learn to get their finances in order too. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want the gift of a free car that you can’t keep forever and you have to pay for?

Picking Up the Slack

While many of David’s surprises are frightening, this is the most responsible we’ve seen to date. Hooking one of his friends up with a lease from Nissan will probably help build their credit back up after all members of the Vlog Squad had run themselves dry of money due to excessive drinking and gambling problems. But who really wants good credit when you could gamble and drink instead?

That lavish LA lifestyle can take its toll on those who try to keep up (just ask Nicholas Cage), but David has decided to take it upon himself to become the father figure of the group anyways. It’s weird because he is one of the youngest of the group. It’s rumored he has visited local Nissan dealerships to work out payment plans with the financing team in order to give one lucky friend a lease that they will be responsible to pay for.

Lightly Into the Logistics

Many times, a person can find a Nissan lease for under $300 a month which is great for the everyday person; however, could be a struggle for the members of the Vlog Squad. They’d much prefer spending their money on black-market Razor scooters and chicken nuggets. Even Dan, the 45-year-old father of six, he spends his—not really hard earned—money on Spiderman action figures for his oddly popular Vlog instead of groceries.

Quite frankly, David’s cohorts should be more than happy to accept being shot with a paintball gun or burned to a crisp by his flamethrower for a chance to make their own payments on a lease. Obviously, there will be a hose nearby to prevent death and absolute destruction but… it’s for the viewers. Anything for the viewers. ANYTHING.

David’s just doing his best to provide those he loves with what they will need to survive and, it’s more than likely that he will pay for the down payment with the help of SeatGeek, his sponsor who actually pays for everything. Anything but an actual paid-in-full vehicle, because that would be crazy. If SeatGeek refuses to pay the down payment, then he might take advantage of the 0% APR with no down payment. It might make the monthly payment a bit higher, but it will only put more pressure on the person who gets the Nissan lease to get themselves together, cough Dan.

It might sound like he’s throwing whomever it may be under the bus, in a sense, however it’s still unknown what model the person will be receiving. If he is really trying to help them get back on their feet, he would look into a used vehicle in horrible condition. I heard rumors he was considering a 1990 Nissan Pulsar NX Sportbak with no working windows and duct-tape seatbelts but that’s to be determined. Either way, even with a new Nissan, they would have to learn to deal with breakdowns. But then again, as influencers, they break down in other ways often enough on their own (looking at you Jessy Taylor).


I would be thrilled to be supported in such a way as to be given a Nissan lease over a brand new high end or luxury vehicle. If only Oprah was as kind and generous as David, Josh Peck might be more likely to remain her biggest fan rather than David’s.

It would be interesting to see if whoever was being gifted the Nissan lease, already had a vehicle and how much it could be traded in for. I highly doubt any of David’s friends actually own a car, especially Dan, last I checked he never even had Hot Wheels car nevermind a license. I’m still left with the question of how David will decide who will get the awesome opportunity to be shot or set on fire, though I’d imagine it would be the person in his life who is doing the worst (so, Dan?). Regardless, it will make for great content that twenty-five people (all of which are David’s mom’s friends) will find highly entertaining as long as someone gets very hurt.

Although he can probably afford to buy out whatever Nissan dealership that he goes to, he is definitely doing right by being the best friend he can. The attempt to teach the common sense and stability that is so clearly deeply rooted in his brain is his most admirable quality. Luckily for him, it’s an easy process to make plans for getting a Nissan lease.


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