Man Sets Record for Most Miles Traveled with Blinker On

An older man, who has a recommendation for the 2019 GMC Acadia vs 2019 Chevy Traverse, is shown next to his Guinness World Record certificate.

Beverley, MA – “If yah wah debating buyin’ the 2019 GMC Acadia vs 2019 Chevy Traverse, getcha’self the Acadia,” suggests a local man who was recently recognized by Guinness World Records for setting a rather impressive feat.

Jon H. Willingham, 65, was recently recognized for setting the world record for “most miles traveled with a turn signal on.” His 48 miles traveled broke the previous record of 36 miles, set by Gladys Hamilton of San Antonio, Texas.

“It’s really a wicked big honah to win this awahd,” Willingham said. “I honestly didn’t even realize I was in the runnin’ for the awahd until Guinness called me a couple ah’days ago. At first, I thought it was the beer company, cause I owe one of their employees a chunk ah’ change.”

So how was Mr. Willingham’s achievement even recognized? It was due to a fellow driver, Aaron Donald, who was traveling behind Mr. Willingham for the entirety of the journey.

“At first, I was pissed off,” Donald, an angry daily commuter, said. “I couldn’t tell if he was going to suddenly pull into a fast food spot or a gas station. Even when we were on a stretch of highway, I couldn’t tell if he was going to suddenly switch lanes. It caused me a lot of anxiety.”

Eventually, Donald’s anger turned into intrigue, as the driver recognized that Mr. Willingham had traveled a great distance with his turn signal on.

“He hopped in front of me right when I got out of work,” Donald said. “Once we hit mile 15, I decided to start capturing on my dash cam.”

Of course, during the journey, Willingham had no idea he was approaching a world record.

“I was busy listenin’ to sports tahlk,” he said. “They’re too hahd on my boy Dustin Pedroia. The guy has won a MVP, he’s won a bunch of World Series… And these shamucks say he’s done!”

When Willingham was closing in on the record, Jones made sure to share the moment with loved ones.

“I immediately called my wife and told her what I was witnessing,” Donald said. “That’s when she reminded me that we had been separated for three months and she was sending the divorce papers the next day…”

When Mr. Willingham arrived home, Donald was right behind him. The commuter told the older gentleman that he had just completed an impressive feat, and he was going to send the tape to Guinness for appraisal.

“I thought he was some Jesus freak, so I ignored it,” Willingham said.

That way until Guinness came knocking. The company contacted Willingham about the achievement, and they held a press conference regarding the feat last weekend.

“We want to congratulate Jon H. Willingham for setting a prestigious world record,” a spokesman said. “If the previous record-holder, Gladys Hamilton, was alive today, I’m sure she’d be saying something about our former black president.”

“I couldn’tah  done it without my 2019 GMC Acadia, which has the quietest turn signal warhning around,” Willingham said. “My buddy Sully said I should go with the GMC. So yah know that’s what I ended up doing, okay!?”

Mr. Willingham is now the holder of a Guinness World Record, but the Beverly, MA native doesn’t believe the distinction will change his life in anyway. Of course, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate the award – rather, he’s looking to build off of it.

“Next weekend, I’m heading up to the lake in New Hampshah,” he said. “That should provide plenty of open road to set a new recahd.”


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