The world of nuptials have evolved far beyond the trappings of churches, synagogues and city halls. Whether orchestrated by a professional wedding planner, or by the couple themselves, weddings are becoming far more personalized than ever. From destination weddings to theme weddings, engaged couples from around the world as seizing the opportunity to create an experience that speaks to their identity, both as individuals and as a couple.

But bystanders at a South Detroit car dealership would soon learn just how personalized a wedding experience could be. And to think that it all began with the 2017 Dodge Journey.

According to Brandon Tigol-Bitteez, the Sales Manager at Narwhol Chrysler Dodge, it began so simply. “We were clearing out all of the 2017 models to make way for 2018, and the dwindling inventory levels included on last 2017 Dodge Journey. After sitting there for weeks with no-one interested in it, we pretty much assumed that it was going to be a loss for us. Hell, we even started to take bets among us with some pretty-long odds. Then one day, everything changed.”

That change, came as a result of two customer arriving at the exact same moment, each with their eyes on the same vehicle. That’s right, both of them were interested in the last 2017 Dodge Journey.

Sherry Perry, 24, of Rindge NH had recently relocated to Detroit to further her career as a water filtration specialist. Described by her friends and family as ‘just a small-town girl’, Sherry had found herself living in a lonely world. Apparently, she had arrived at Narwhol Chrysler Dodge after she had grown tired of taking the midnight train everywhere.

What she hadn’t expected was meeting her soulmate in the form of 25-year old Detroit resident, Neal Pineda. The attraction, explains the couple, was immediate.

“He was like something out of song, “ explained Miss Perry. “Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit. Apparently he took the midnight train anywhere, as well.”

On most nights, Mr. Pineda could be found working as a singer throughout smokey rooms around town. “Yeah, I was working hard to get my fill. But everybody wants a thrill.

But, truth be told, he was sick of smelling like wine and cheap perfume, and getting stuck on the train every night. Unfortunately, he had yet to recover from a bad experience with another dealership, and a previous relationship. But somewhere deep down inside, he would have paid anything to roll the dice just one more time.

“I don’t really want to talk about it. Car buying and relationships can both be frustrating. Some will win. Some will lose. I just happen to be among those who sing the blues. It’s like a movie that never ends, going on and on and on and on…”

But according to Mr. Pineda, his luck changed the moment he met Miss Perry. ‘It was magical.”

“I said to myself, ‘Hold on to that feeling’”, said Miss Perry.

And they did. Within an hour the couple, who had just met, had arranged an impromptu wedding ceremony right there on the premises of Narwhol Chrysler-Dodge. And as a wedding gift, the dealership presented them with a container of ‘New Car Smell’ air freshener, to keep their new 2017 Dodge Journey smelling as fresh as their love.

“Hell, we just couldn’t believe it,” offered Mr. Tigol-Bitteez. “Strangers were waiting up and down the boulevard, just to get a glimpse. But it just goes to show you. Don’t stop believin’.”


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