Instagram Influencer Questioned Under Suspicion of Child Endangerment

Woman in lingerie using computer to search for used trucks for sale, child on tablet, on black background

(Editorial Note: as restricted by a court order issued at the time of arraignment, THE LEMON will not be revealing the true identities of the parties involved in this story. When used, aliases will initially be placed in quotations)

For an Instagram Influencer out of Massachusetts, it all started as an innocent search for Chevy trucks for sale

“Kerri-Joan Remy” is the owner / operator / subject of “@JoanXHunny”, a popular Instagram profile which counts nearly 400,000 users among its loyal followers. While consisting partially of lifestyle content, the profile focuses on Kerri-Joan, a fit, brunette twenty-something and documents a #NoFilter depiction of both her daily life and passions. There’s also some tasteful, and professionally-composed content which is more mature in nature.

Praised for the consistency and authenticity of its aesthetic (and for the general appeal of Kerri-Joan) the profile has earned its Instagram Influencer certification in spades while making Kerri-Joan a very wealthy woman thanks to her product sponsors. And with the accrual of such financial security, Kerr-Joan’s most surprising acquisitions might the vast collection of her favorite style of vehicle: classic Chevy square-body pickup trucks.

“A lot of people might look at me and think ‘she wouldn’t be into trucks’,” said Remy, in a phone interview. “But they’ve always been my favorite, and I love walking into my garage and looking across my sea of beauties.”

When we asked how she went about acquiring so many trucks, she replied.

“I never go about it seeking a particular model year, or specific features. I prefer to fall down the rabbit hole, starting with a more general internet search and exploring the results deeper and deeper until I find something that catches my attention. I’m also a member of several closed enthusiast groups which allow us to post to boards and communicate regarding our shared passion. It probably doesn’t hurt that I used my Instagram handle as my username, since that helps to get me some attention from sellers.”

And that’s how “Kerri-Joan Remy” met “Aiden Forrester”…or more accurately, that’s how “@JoanXHunny” met “@XTruckManiac6”. But Aiden Forrester wasn’t selling a truck. No. Aiden Forrester is a six-year-old Kindergartner from Bethesda, MD whose prowess and savvy when using his mom’s (non-parent protected) iPad enabled him to join a forum for truck lovers.

Because according to a partially redacted transcript of one of his conversations, Aiden “loves trucks. Big trucks. There are all kinds of trucks, and I love them all. I have lots of trucks, and I want more. Do you like trucks? Maybe we can trade? Let’s talk about trucks.”

Apparently the two began an ongoing conversation, which had gone on for almost a week before Aiden’s mother discovered it, cross-referenced the username against Remy’s Instagram profile and contacted local authorities. According to Kerri-Joan, she had mistaken the Kindergartner for someone looking to barter vehicles. In her statement she explained that the poor quality of his grammar wasn’t a red flag because, “have you ever seen some of the comments on Instagram?”

Due to the sensitive nature of the case, authorities continue to remain tight-lipped about the investigation. That said, THE LEMON has come across some evidence of a concerning nature, implying that “Kerry-Joan Remy” might actually be 56-year old Joan McMaster, a chain-smoking town clerk from North Central Massachusetts. If our suspicions are correct, and the @JoanXHunny profile turns out to be an elaborate catfish, you might actually be pleasuring yourself to this…


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