Magician David Blaine Locks Himself Inside a Ford Escape

A magician is shown throwing cars in front of a Ford Escape for sale.

While they might seem like complete opposites from one another, the automobile industry and those who are known as magicians and illusionists aren’t too different from one another. Both are quite remarkable and have captured the public’s imagination. Year after year, we continue to be fascinated with the individual feats they perform. And while there are makes and models that continue to impress us with their innovation, there are some that leave a lot to be desired. One of these is the Ford Escape.

While there’s no question that the vehicle helped change how future SUVs were designed, its failure to grasp attention in several years has led many to yawn with collective boredom. A Ford Escape for sale is about as exciting as watching paint dry. That is, until now…

Enter David Blaine. The renowned illusionist is the heir apparent to masters of the craft, such as Harry Houdini and David Copperfield. And recently, it was announced that he had formed a partnership with the Ford motor company.

Blaine, whose most infamous feat involved himself being in a transparent box, has been the subject of ridicule from both members of his own community and the public in general.

So, what happens when this lightning rod for controversy announces plans for an impressive feat of magic that involves the Ford Escape? Excitement! That’s why those of us at The Lemon were thrilled to be invited to witness the event as it unfolded. But what would Blaine have in mind to perform? We couldn’t wait to find out.

Our anticipation was soon rewarded when it was announced that Blaine had locked himself inside a Ford Escape. Blaine had planned out this exercise with Ford several months ago in an attempt to hopefully pique some curiosity in the SUV that the company has tried to keep in popular circulation. Dozens of complimentary tickets were handed out, and we expected a large crowd for the event in question.

The stage was set.

Blaine was brought out to the vehicle, shirtless. A fake sweat glistened on his chest.

A crowd of 20 individuals had gathered to witness the event, many of whom were employees of Fairlane Ford, the dealership that supplied the vehicle in question.

And then, the air thick with an atmosphere of anticipation and a couple of people in the crowd holding their breath, Blaine locked himself in the Escape.

In awe, we watched, wondering how we could be the only news crew covering this unbelievable stunt. When we asked some of the other prominent news publications in the area, their lack of enthusiasm came as a great surprise. Many said that Blaine wasn’t a draw as far as ratings were concerned and that the Ford Escape wasn’t really anything to be excited about.

One news station, KYT-GBH informed us that they misunderstood the story altogether. They thought that Blaine had locked himself inside the vehicle by accident and that the fact that he couldn’t get out seemed par for the course.

“Personally, we see this is a game-changing event.” Mitch White, a Ford employee, told us. “How long will he remain in there? How could he survive this stunt? This should be bringing in the biggest crowd we’ve ever seen!”

Well, we at The Lemon were honored to be on hand for this event. Mr. Blaine, we believe in you.


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