People Are Charging Their Electric Vehicles at Starbucks

A silver 2023 Kia EV6 for sale is shown charging at a Starbucks.

Starbucks has traditionally had an issue with people buying one cup of coffee, and then hogging the wall outlets for their laptops and iPads for half a day. But recently, the coffee chain is finding that their outlets are occupied by a very different device, a vehicle. Because people can charge their Kia EV6 in a standard 110-volt three-prong outlet, many have decided to just start doing so at your favorite pumpkin spice latte vendor.
If you’re shopping around for a Kia EV6 for sale and plan to meet up with an individual seller, don’t be surprised if they ask to meet you at a Starbucks. More and more drivers have realized that if the national coffee chain already lets students and freelancers occupy the outlets for hours at a time, why shouldn’t EV drivers be able to plug in while enjoying a scone and an iced coffee?

Battle of the Outlet Hogs

“It’s literal chaos,” said one college student who typically sets up shop at her local Starbucks with her study group. “I pull up, and all of the doors to the Starbucks are being propped up with chairs. I see all of these huge cords running out of the Starbucks, into the parking lot,and attached to all of these Kias!”
“It’s not fair,” said a freelance writer who typically works from his local Starbucks. “Whenever I get there, all of the outlets are being used by cars! One time it caused a total blackout because it was just too much strain on the electrical grid. Also, these drivers only buy, like, a protein bar and use the outlets for hours. I buy an iced coffee and a muffin, so I’m way more entitled to use the outlets all day.”
Starbucks employees have found themselves playing referee between the customers wanting to charge their devices and the Kia drivers wanting to charge their EV6s. There is reportedly now a signup sheet. People need to sign in to note when they started using an outlet, and they must sign out after three hours.
One EV6 driver gave his take on the issue. “We’re not even taking up table space. We take our drinks and snacks into our cars, and just use the EV6’s Wi-Fi hotspot to get things done while our vehicles recharge,” said the Starbucks customer. “I mean, really, we’re their ideal customer. We leave the tables for other paying customers!”

A New Class System and Regulations

Rumors have it that there is also something of a “class system” evolving, where the EV6 drivers think they are “better” than the students and freelancers.
“One time I just had it with the whole situation,” expressed one freelance graphic designer who works out of Starbucks. “I just marched up to the window of one of the EV6s and yelled ‘We were here first! Go home and use your own outlets!’ You know what the driver said to me? He said, ‘At least when I do drive home, I won’t be spewing poisonous emissions into the air like you would be with your polluting, gas engine 2015 Honda Civic!”
Starbucks does not have an official policy on what sorts of devices (or vehicles) customers can plug into their outlets. According to reports, the national franchise might start putting “No EV charging signs” next to their outlets. But employees allegedly aren’t happy about the decision.
“Honestly, the EV customers tip way better than the students and freelancers,” stated one employee. “They’re grateful to us for letting them prop the doors open to run their chargers through, and they tip handsomely to show their gratitude. We’re lucky if these college students put so much as 50 cents in the tip jar!”


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