A older man and younger women enjoy no credit auto loans

According to a recent study conducted for Forbes Magazine, there is now an unprecedented number of CEO’s and top-tier executives who are guilty of moonlighting above their high-profile day jobs based solely on their dual role as ‘Daddy’. And before you go getting all warm and fuzzy in your heart, thinking that we’re talking about enviably-close Father/Daughter relationships, stop. What you should be getting is ‘icky and pukey’ in your stomach, because we’re talking about rich old men financing the lives of attractive young women in exchange for sex (or the promise of). So, if you’re a high-paid executive, or aspire to be one, you might want to continue reading, in case you end up another aging stand-in for an extremely forgiving no credit car loan.

In all fairness, the idea of a ‘sugar daddy’ is nothing new. It goes back to ancient times when the neanderthal with the most sabretooth-tiger meat, got his choice of the women-folk now clad in that same sabretooth-tiger’s pelt. The phenomenon has been echoed in classic literature, the illustrations of modern humorists, and throughout popular culture presenting cash as the female equivalent of Viagra. And judging by the sheer number of ‘pro-sugar daddy’ internet memes, produced, appreciated and shared by women it’s hard to argue that both parties involved in such a relationship aren’t equally as invested, if not enthusiastic.

This is especially true with the increase in ‘Zaddy’ culture.

While ‘Zaddy’ is normally used to refer to an alluring man, the term seems to have evolved  to include (if not focus on) an ‘older-yet-still-alluring’ man. The almost-equivalent of ‘Silver Fox’, is now commonly used by young women who look at an older man and think, “I still would.”

This combined with pro-sugar daddy culture, and the decreasing motivation and work ethic seen in millennials, only serves to encourage growth in the Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby community. After all, why would anyone work for anything – if they could simply leverage their youthful sex appeal in order to acquire everything they could possibly want.

And it’s not just the patriarchy that’s having all the fun. The exponential increase of female executives since the early 1980’s has inundated the system with aging post-menopausal go-getters ready to eat your dick alive. And no, that’s not a hilarious metaphor for an enjoyable sex act.

So, if you’re a vapid, morally-ambiguous young person (under the age of 24) in need of a new set of wheels, the car, truck or SUV of your dreams could be yours without having to pay a single cent of your own money. Just find yourself a wealthy, aging businessperson. Faster than you can say ‘poundtown’ in a fake breathy moan, that frosted delight of yours might be handing you a brand new set of keys…

To their red velvet ‘pleasure room”, of course…

(You didn’t think this was going to be easy, did you?)


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