Biden Abuses Authority to Combat Car Emissions

Joe Biden is shown next to a car exhaust.

Friends and readers, if there’s one thing the mainstream media refuses to talk about on a consistent basis, it’s President Biden and the things he’s doing against the auto industry. Turn on any channel with a news program, and you’ll see them discussing budgeting, policymaking, all sorts of other nonsense, but you’ll never see images of the auto industry or the ways that our President’s policies are impacting the poor, struggling millionaires who oversee it. It’s a shame and something I seek now to amend.

Recently, Sleepy Joe’s administration signed new policies that are set to require harsh new standards for emissions, enforced by the political muscle of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If you ask me, this is just another step toward the irrevocable dissolution of our freedoms and one more way the government is stepping all over our rights. Today, they’re coming for our emissions; tomorrow, they’ll be after the rest of our sacred and god-given gasses.

New Standards by 2026

The big, recent news that no one is talking about, except for a few heroes like me, is new EPA regulations for emissions from vehicles. These new regulations will require that vehicles from model years leading up to 2026 will have to meet stricter emissions numbers; they’ll only be allowed to release an average of 161 grams of carbon dioxide per mile by 2026. This will be the equivalent to about 55 MPG of fuel economy in laboratory testing or about 40 MPG in estimated fuel efficiency for real-world settings.

This is even stricter than what a lot of people expected based on statements from President Biden and proposed numbers from the EPA a few months ago. If the auto industry meets this goal, it should prevent about 3.1 billion tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted over the next 30 years, equivalent to shutting down more than 700 coal plants. This is similar to an agreement car companies have with California and numerous other states to reach a similar level of efficiency, but with Federal backing.

Further Attempts at Regulation

Of course, this whole thing pales in comparison to the kinds of sweeping changes the Biden administration hopes to make through other policies. The push for zero-emission vehicles is a major part of their policies with efforts to get increased tax credits for people who buy Electric Vehicle (EV) models. This has included attempts at additional benefits for those who buy EVs made here in the US, particularly those made at plants that hire and support union labor, though this hasn’t been without controversy.

As well it should if you ask me. If I want to support American workers and ensure my friends and neighbors have a living wage, I’ll do – but that’s between me and The Bible. This has nothing to do with the Federal government or politics, so let’s just knock this off. Everyone knows that encouraging job growth is only done by billionaires; Presidents are only responsible for helping the economy when it fits into my chosen narrative, not at any other time!

What They Don’t Want You to Know

These changes and dramatic policies that aren’t getting headlines from sources like the Washington Post, where I read this story, are only the tip of the iceberg. According to my sources within the White House, there’s talk of additional plans and efforts to reduce pollution further and ensure a better future for generations to come. The science is clear on this issue: everyone who agrees with me has already said exactly what I already know and also think, so there’s no reason to debate this or for anyone to provide evidence to the contrary. Electric vehicles are a fad, at best, and a danger to all living things, at worst, so the best way to solve all of these problems is whatever helps wealthy people get more money.

Editor’s Note: The people in charge tried to prevent us from giving you this important information, but we fought back and pushed this through publishing anyway. If news outlets like MSNBC, The Washington Post, and Fox News – all of whom ran this story – won’t run this story, then it’s up to us to do so! Thank you.


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