Are you feeling like everyone is watching what you do and how you think? You’re not going crazy. It’s true. The government, your neighbors, family members, businesses, even your office is keeping close tabs on every move you make.

To make matters worse, all of these groups let you know discreetly that their eyes are on your life. You get memos about the next Congressional candidate in your area. How did they find out that’s who you decided to elect? They send pop-up ads about vacations that only you and your spouse discussed. How did they know you want to travel to Bali? You receive direct mail pieces for new dentists in your area to visit. How did they learn you were unhappy with your last dental trip?

And if you are one of the record number of Americans who have a car loan, you certainly don’t want anyone eavesdropping into your bank ledger. It was hard enough to get that loan for a vehicle that you can’t afford, but you don’t need someone telling you when to pay or how much. But even the Buy Here Pay Here dealerships are getting into the act. Cutting edge technology is allowing them to see into your bank account and check if you have the funds to pay your auto loan.

What’s this Buy Here Pay Here option you ask? Don’t we pay for everything where we shop? This latest gimmick called Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) allows an auto dealership to look at every part of your life, examine your bank holdings, and then decide if they want to extend credit for a vehicle directly from their office, rather than through a traditional bank or lending business.

But it’s not enough to delve into your personal banking and work history. No, now they have new technology to help them make even more money and ensure that you’re paying your bills and not staying at a resort in the Mediterranean this summer.

Most Contact just introduced a new BHPH tool to talk to you directly online. Its new online chat feature lets you tell them how much you just deposited in your bank account and how much you plan to spend on your girlfriend’s engagement ring. By being able to chat with you, auto dealerships can determine how much they like you and your family and what type of car you can buy even if you can’t afford it.

To ensure that every auto buyer including BHPH customers can understand all of the small print in a 90 page contract, NoClose is bringing fully electronic, fully compliant closings to hundreds of new buy-here-pay-here auto dealers with its Auto Slave Systems, a non-compliant, hard-to-understand disclosure agreement. To serve as many buy-here, pay-here dealers and independent finance companies across the United States and Canada, NoClose has ensured that its system is more than bilingual; it can be read in Swahili, Urdu, and Bantu. Closing records are securely stored in the cloud, until the next rain or thunderstorm.


A Billing App Connected to a Smartphone

To ensure that BHPH individuals make their payments and remain current on their installment contract, LookIntoMyWallet is working with state and local governments as well as major banks to keep a closer eye on BHPH customers. Its new system, MoreandMoreBills allows small dealerships with as little as 50 accounts or larger dealerships with as many as 5,000 accounts to electronically send you as many as 10,000 reminders each month that your auto bill is due. MoreandMoreBills is a unique billing app installed on a smartphone that you really can’t afford. But this smart app can be a go-between between the auto dealership and the borrower providing the most up-to-date information on the millions of dollars that they owe. It can also let you know when your car has been recalled or when it’s been sent to the pen for not paying your parking ticket.

No longer will you have a restless night’s sleep wondering when your next bill will arrive. MoreandMoreBills lets a BHPH auto dealership reach their customers early in the morning or late at night when you’re busy with your mates. You’ll get a hard-to-read pre-prepared and unscheduled notification that you didn’t pay your most current bill. What it won’t tell you is when a bill collector is scheduled to call your home or take your belongings. For the borrower, MoreandMoreBills gives them an easy customer payment method through their mobile device, even if you have a zero balance in your bank account. Don’t worry though. The dealership and the bank are always looking at your billing and account history, sharing it with whoever asks.


Extending Credit with an App

Calling its latest solution “the most valuable for BHPH dealerships,” Spyonme Inc., a leader in risk management and location-based business intelligence solutions, is launching a spy-based satellite for the vehicle finance industry. With its satellite beaming information to BHPH dealers and lenders, they’ll gain an easy and efficient approach to propagate risk while decreasing growth.

NoStar has updated its solution for BHPH dealers and lenders to stay connected to their customers to ensure payment collection no matter if they’ve endured a flood or hurricane, death of a pet, or have gone to their 50th high school reunion.

This newer just-released version of NoStar employs these illegal tactics:

  • New Mobile NoStar Connect app offers real-time location tracking in the bathroom or bedroom
  • Faster workouts
  • A redesigned user face-to-face for a more intuitive cosmetic experience
  • Excessive Mileage Reporting feature that provides information on driver disarray
  • Redesigned hardware with an improved GPS unit for finding BHPH customers in extreme heat temperatures
  • LTE Coverage device option that offers better signal reliability to aliens in space

In an effort to create even more misinformation and confusion for Buy Here Pay Here dealerships, Sell My Vehicle has combined its dealer management systems software with Los Angeles-based Don’t Sell Me A Vehicle. The integration of the two systems offers a three-pronged solution: allows sales data to be exchanged on a bi-directional basis with aliens in space; aims to increase redundancies; and helps a dealership to be more confusing and confused.

If you’re feeling like Big Brother is looking over your shoulder, you’re right. These new digital systems are helping all of them, including Buy Here Pay Here auto dealers to become less efficient and definitely more profitable. They’re becoming more successful and making more money while you’re being watched on a constant basis.


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