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Depending on who you ask, California either “knows how to party,” “has the cutest girls in the world” or is “full of liberal morons.” Okay, fine, two of those sentiments were expressed exclusively in song by Tupac Shakur and The Beach Boys, respectively, but the latter sentiment is shared by a significant portion of the confused American public. While this author retains a desire to remain impartial in a world unable to maintain a bipartisan effort towards just about anything, it’s hard not to appreciate the hypocritical nature of West Coast-driven politics. Consider, for a moment, the entertainment industry as one of California’s primary exports. Publicly, the liberal Hollywood elite are calling for “equal opportunity between the sexes” and an “end to human trafficking.” But privately, that same demographic might be the guiltiest party, historically, in terms of propagating both issues. In terms of the automotive industry, celebrities petition Congress to enforce stricter emissions regulations driving many of the headlines read in current auto news. However, many of those same celebrities enjoy garages full of gas-guzzling vehicles and travel exclusively on private jets and chartered airlines.

And, as long as these celebrities and politicians are guarded by armed security, don’t even get me started on gun control.

With a total of 55 electors (including 53 House Representatives and Senate representation by Dianne Feinstein) California is more than just a political battleground state. And with constant rumors of secession, how long until it becomes an actual battleground state.

According to George Miller, director of Mad Max: Fury Road, the wait might be shorter than you think. And with a 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and a $378.9 million domestic gross, he might be far more credible than the likes of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Mr. Miller has charged himself with documenting much of the goings-on in California politics, considering the startling similarities between those events and the films that he is so well-known for. Truth be told, can you even tell the difference?

This scene for example:

If you guessed that this footage depicts Senator Dianne Feinstein addressing her constituents last week, well…you are correct. And if you’re not living a little bit in fear right now, just wait, because she’s going to start hoarding your water supply.

Get ready for battle.


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