Right now, zombies are clearly all the rage, as you seemingly can’t change the channel without seeing an undead person stumbling across the screen. However, I don’t think these television executives and producers are necessarily giving in to public demand. Rather, I think they’re trying to warn us and prepare us for the impending zombie apocalypse.

Well, I couldn’t stand back and watch as a number of helpless individuals arrogantly go throughout their lives without being prepared for this catastrophe. Therefore, I decided to do my part and help out. Below, you’ll find a number of ordinary car features that will prove essential during a zombie apocalypse. Who knows? This info might help you prepare for the impending event, so keep these features in mind…


Feature #1: Large Sunroof

We all love that sunroofs allow fresh air to stream into our cabin, but this inclusion could also prove incredibly useful during a zombie apocalypse. If you’re suddenly surrounded by a herd of zombies, you can easily kill them with your desired weapon by barely squeezing it through the roof. If this situation is particularly critical, the sunroof will even provide the occupants with an additional escape route. However, the downside of this strategy is that you’ll surely need to leave any overweight members of your crew behind.


Feature #2: Unmatched Performance

Listen, if you’re coming across a vehicle during the zombie apocalypse, you’re probably not all that picky about the vehicle’s amenities and capabilities. Rather, you’ll be satisfied if the vehicle can simply run, as many cars will presumably die after being inactive for so long.

However, if you do get to choose between a particular vehicle, opt for the one with the superior engine. The various power specs are obviously important, but it’s the accompany performance specs that will be most crucial. During a zombie apocalypse, you’ll surely need to flee a particular area as quickly as possible, so acceleration is of the utmost importance. Towing capacity could also be essential, especially if you’re scavenging for heavy, cumbersome items.

Speaking of a car’s engine, fuel efficiency will be another appreciated attribute. Finding a workable gas station will be easier said than done, so you’ll want to capitalize on the fuel that’s currently in your tank. You won’t have the ability to constantly re-fuel, so a gas-guzzling vehicle might not necessarily be the best choice.


Feature #3: Rugged Tires

Required to drive through slush or snow? Perhaps you’ll need your vehicle to travel through the uneven paths in the woods. Maybe you simply have to drive over several zombies as quickly as possible. Regardless of your predicament, an upgraded set of tires will surely get you out of a jam.

Additional traction is essential in a variety of different situations, as it will allow you to maintain control while also getting you through any odd terrain. Best of all, we can’t imagine that tires are going to be much of a commodity to scavengers during an apocalypse. As a result, you’ll be able to choose from the top-of-the-line options. Ordinarily, the high prices wouldn’t necessarily justify this choice. However, since these tires will be free of charge, you might as well opt for the best!


Feature #4: CD Player

Individuals need to be entertained, even during a zombie apocalypse. There may be times where you’re required to drive far distances, and if you’re by yourself, you’ll surely want to listen to something to pass the time. Radio stations are no longer working, so you’ll need to rely on the car’s CD player to prevent you from dying due to boredom.

Furthermore, a CD player is a perfect feature during a fight sequence. If you’re about to bash in some zombie heads, you could slide in an AC/DC or Led Zeppelin disc as you’re looking for the perfect montage tune.


Feature #5: Cargo/Passenger Room

We previously talked about a vehicle’s towing capacity, but that might not be necessary if your car already offers plenty of cargo space. Regardless of whether it’s the beginning of the apocalypse or several years in, you’ll always come across materials and supplies that could be useful throughout your journey. Of course, this cargo doesn’t matter if you can’t bring it along. Having additional space in the rear means you can store all of these tools and materials that you randomly come across.

Passenger room is also an appreciated attribute, as you’ll have the ability to add to your crew. In a smaller sedan, you might not be inclined to pick up a random hitchhiker because of a lack of interior room. Instead, increased passenger space means you shouldn’t think twice about adding another valuable person to your crew.


Feature #6: Durable Bumper

There might be a scenario where you’re required to drive through a grouping of zombies. As we mentioned previously, improved tires will help in this situation. However, if you want to maintain your car’s exterior, a bumper will help withstand some of the damage that these zombies’ bodies will cause. Instead of watching as your windshield or front lights get cracked, you can rely on the bumper to absorb the brunt of the force. Furthermore, a bumper is an excellent place to equip some additional weapon. For instance, adding a spear to the bumper could allow you to easily kill those incoming zombies.


Feature #7: Fire Blaster

Sure, not many vehicles contain a fire blaster, but you need to remain optimistic during the apocalypse, so keep an open mind! This inclusion will help you get out of any dangerous situation, as the gun-like feature will engulf any nearby zombies in flames. If you’re looking for the ideal “get out quick” car feature, a fire blaster is the way to go.


Feature #8: Cup Holder

A zombie apocalypse can be physically exerting, so you’ll want to remain hydrated throughout any journey. Now, you don’t want your water bottle rolling around on the floor of your car. Instead, make sure your car has cup holders, as your water bottle will constantly be by your side.


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