American election campaign fight as Republican Versus Democrat represented by two boxing gloves with the elephant and donkey symbol stitched fighting for the vote of the United states citizens for an election win.

The November election is still front and center in many American’s minds even though it ended more than six months ago. Most people have found that talking about politics is not a good idea with friends, family, or complete strangers. But even if you don’t talk about your political beliefs, you vehicle might be speaking for you.

No matter if you are looking for new or used cars in Colorado Springs, your choice selection will tell a lot about your politics and what party you are affiliated with. And it’s not a simple message of driving a blue or red vehicle.

What’s the favorite saying among politicians? All politics are local politics. In that case it’s best to look at the most recent election of 2016 in which Colorado chose the Democratic candidate for president over the Republican candidate.  Hillary Clinton won the election in Colorado with 48.2% of the vote. Donald Trump received 43.3% of the vote, a Democratic margin of victory of 4.9%. It is the second time since statehood that Colorado has voted Democratic in three consecutive presidential elections.

To get an idea of which new or used cars in Colorado Springs a driver might choose depending on party affiliation, we looked at a number of studies. YourMechanic, a home or office service repair firm, determined that the Subaru Legacy was the vehicle of choice for Colorado. How did they come up with this particular car? The group used the location of cars that they serviced and mapped them within Colorado and its congressional districts. Then they analyzed the most unusually popular cars that supported one candidate over the other.

Strategic Vision, a market research firm, recently published the findings of its own study taking a broader view. They looked at the qualities that define the two major parties and how these qualities might also define how you choose your vehicle.

Left-leaning Vehicles

For those living in Democratic blue states like Colorado, Strategic Vision responders gave the nod to the Subaru Outback crossover, within the same family as the YourMechanic Subaru Legacy choice.

Democratic motorists used such words as environmentally friendly, economical, cool, and hybrid to describe their vehicle of choice as well as European or Asian made. Furthermore, in a different study, they chose hatchbacks as a style preference and named Volkswagen, Subaru, Acura, and Mercedes as automobile manufacturers of choice.

Getting back to the Strategic Vision study, their respondents named the Honda CR-V, Honda Civic Sedan, Toyota RAV4, Subaru SV-Crosstrek as the next four vehicles in line behind the Subaru Outback crossover as their choices.


But Democrats are not limited to just these vehicles. Since these members share more liberal-minded views, they are more likely to be focused on environmental concerns, like hybrid vehicles, safety regulations, unions, diversity and social progressivism.

For those seeking new or used cars in Colorado Springs who are registered in the Democratic Party, perhaps a small, fuel-efficient vehicle like the Smart car might make a good choice. Democrats tend to choose small, multi-functional vehicles. It offers good fuel efficiency to bolster your pro-environmental stance. Or perhaps there is a hybrid or electric car on the list to shout your pro-stance on green energy.

A popular choice for Democrats is the Ford Escape Hybrid, one of the best fuel efficient SUVs on the market built by UAW workers and driven by Barack Obama. There’s also the Volvo brand to turn to, ever since Democrats were labeled “Volvo-driving liberals.” Many Democrats choose a sensible crossover SUV to run errands or drive to their local polling place.

Right-leaning Vehicles

Oh, the Grand Old Party. It might seem like a simple caricature, but these Republicans have garnered the market on burly full-size pickup trucks, American-made gas guzzlers, large luxurious vehicles, and fast sports cars. These GOP members tend to purchase big domestic American-made Ford and Chevy pickup trucks, especially the No. 1 choice: the Ford F-150. They are seeking a vehicle that is powerful, rugged, and prestigious. The top five round out with the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Ram 1500, Ford F250/350, and Ram 2500/3500.

Republicans also choose fast vehicles with large V8 engines and anything remotely connected to NASCAR. Because they are known to be fiscally conservative, in favor of tax cuts and credits, a reduction in government regulation, and a strong U.S., both militarily and economically, their choice of vehicle will reflect those values.

Here in Colorado, a Republican voter might be attracted to a Dodge Challenger, a fast American-made muscle car with lots of horsepower that will bring back those 1970 glory days.

Or the Cadillac Escalade might be a choice selection due to its American-made reputation. But it also reflects the vehicle’s aura driven by important political men in Washington, DC, zipping around by the President’s side. Hidden behind those blackened shades, this vehicle makes the public wonder who is sitting in this important vehicle? A government official, a billionaire businessperson, or a movie or sports star?

Republican voters also tend to lean toward high-end sports cars. It can be a Porsche or BMW 7 Series or any other brand. The message: we’ve worked hard to get where we are, we’re powerful, and we want everyone to know who we are.




If you are neither a Democrat nor a Republican, you might be registered as an Independent. This group doesn’t want to be swayed by one ideology or the other. They make their own decisions. Thus, they seek out a vehicle that’s pretty much down the middle of the road—functional, reliable, and sensible. Their vehicle of choice might be a Forester, Kia Sorento, Toyota Takoma, and Toyota Highlander.

So the next time you are out with your friends and family, take a hard look at their car selection. No matter if it is new or used, you’ll be able to perhaps gather a glimpse of how they voted in November and who their party affiliation might be.


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