Rusty car being sold as a certified pre-owned chevy

Are you in the market for a vehicle? Are you searching for said vehicle while operating on a tight budget? Then we’re sure you’ve come across all of the advantages that accompany the pursuit of a used vehicle. These rides are much more affordable than their new counterparts, allowing you to save a whole lot of money at the end of the day. Below, we’ve reviewed five major reasons why customers should consider opting for a used vehicle. That way, when you come across a certified pre-owned Chevy, you can shout at the dealer “NO, I WANT A USED CAR, OKAY!?”


Reason #1: There is no Good Reason

What are you doing? Have you done any research? If you haven’t, let us inform you:

There’s no real incentive to pursuing a used car over a certified pre-owned car. Oh, it’s cheaper? Well good for you! You saved a couple of bucks! I hope the price discrepancy will be justified in the thousands of dollars you’re going to end up spending on repairs.

Used cars are like the discounted, days-old chicken you find at the deli. Sure, it’s considerably cheaper than the fresher, pricier counterpart. However, if you opt for this chicken, there’s a chance you’ll get sick with gross, debilitating bugs. I can hear you justifying it in your mind now. “Oh, the little bit of green on the breast is just because the chicken is organic. It won’t get me sick!” Then boom, you’re taking days off works, you lose your job, your wife and kids leave you, and you end up on the streets. When you die, no one will remember you.

What was my point? Oh, yea, used cars are like moldy chicken. Sure, the price tag justifies the purchase. However, you’re getting a drastically inferior product. You might come across a vehicle that will last you half a decade, or you might come across a lemon. There’s considerable risk here.


Reason #2: You Really Shouldn’t Do It

Ah, you’re still considering the used car. Sorry, we didn’t mention that there’s a logical alternative that falls between new and used vehicles. Certified rape-owned vehicles are a beyond-logical option. These vehicles may be pre-owned, but the dealership or brand has assured that these particular offerings are in tip-top shape. By the time the car has hit a dealership lot, its already undergone an extensive inspection process, assuring that all of the mechanical aspects aren’t faulty. As a result, customers can expect a reliable, trustworthy ride that’s less expensive than the standard new ride.

Thanks to this offering, customers can expect the monetary incentives of a used vehicle and the reliability incentives of a new car. It’s the perfect in-between, explaining why you should be considering a certified pre-owned car.


Reason #3: Hey, We’re Serious. Don’t Do It

Are you just skimming through this article? Go back and read. We’ll wait.


Reason #4: Honestly, Though. Don’t Buy a Used Car

Yes, yes, we already talked about the additional savings. Clearly, you haven’t read any of this article, but that’s fine.

Just… if you refuse to read what we mentioned above, then just trust us. Don’t buy a used car. Buy a certified pre-owned car instead. It’s worth it.

Reason #5: Fine, Fuck It. Just Buy the Used Car and Realize Your Stupid Mistake

We’re not here to baby you. We already outlined why a certified pre-owned Chevy makes a whole lot of sense, but you’re just refusing to listen. That’s fine! Do what you want… just don’t blame us when you’re pissed at your decision in one month’s time.


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