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One could argue that nearly every topic worth discussing has become a hot-button issue in recent years. From politics to religion, broad-stroke conversations have always proven divisive, creating unnecessary friction and separation between mankind. However, platforms such as internet chat forums and social media have sparked the same intensity of debate over much less impactful topics. Scroll your own social media newsfeed, and you’ll inevitably find that Internet trolling is at an all-time high. Thoughtful discourse and debate have been replaced by a CAPS LOCK mentality, fueled by self-righteous indignation, and no topic is safe.

But where does this sense of instant animosity leave us, in a world where co-workers often double as Facebook ‘Friends’? How does such a combative culture affect an environment based on professional courtesy? Case in point, we turn our attention to a recent Human Resources grievance filed by employees of Bethesda, MD law firm ‘Bickers, Bickers & Bisch.’

According to the grievance reports, tension arose from a conversation comparing the 2018 Ford F-150 vs. 2018 Toyota Tundra. Held between Brandon Bickers and Aaron Bisch, both legacy junior attorneys within the multi-family firm, the debate stemmed from Mr. Bickers aggressive assertion that the Ford F-150 was superior to the Toyota Tundra.

“All I said was that I was considering buying a Tundra,” claims Mr. Bisch, in his statement. “It was at that point that Brandon began his relentless verbal assault.”

Referring back to the reports filed, Mr. Bisch claims that the alleged ‘relentless verbal assault’ included (but was not limited to) Mr. Bickers referring to him as a quote/unquote “little bitch” as well as stating that the Tundra comes “coupons for Tampons and other lady stuff.”

When asked if Mr. Bisch’s claims were true, Mr. Bickers stated, “Absolutely. The Toyota Tundra is for little bitches. And I mean no offense to women or lady dogs. I have a rescue dog, and I love her. I also like the ladies. But the Tundra is a piece of shit.”

Mr. Bisch’s statement goes on to say that he had, “never been so offended” and that the “hostility would then continue onto social media.” Following the unsettling events of the workday in question, Mr. Bisch reached out to friends and family on Facebook to get their opinions on the Tundra.

“I shared a link to the truck I was considering buying with the caption, ‘Any Thoughts?’ . Almost immediately, I received several notifications indicating that Mr. Bickers had left comments on my post. Upon opening them, I was shocked to see a number of GIF’s showing various animals engaging in what may, or may not have been sodomy.”

Mr. Bickers replied to the claims by stating, “That’s bullshit. Sure, I left the GIF comments. But there was no sodomy. That was straight animal sex. I would never imply anything disrespectful against the gay community. My brother Glenn is queer as a three-dollar bill, and his husband is my best friend and one of the greatest people I know. Not an enemy in the world. The only thing he hates is the Toyota Tundra because it’s a piece of shit.”

It’s difficult to say where the grievance will go from here, but it certainly sends a powerful message as to the role that social media and our work environments play in our combative, opinionated culture. That said, the moral of this story is simple:

When compared to the 2018 F-150, the Tundra is definitely a piece of shit.


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