It was either Henry Ford or some semi-rapey Country artist like Luke Bryan who said, “A good truck, is like a good woman.” And while that comparison was undoubtedly meant to be delivered with affectionate respect as a metaphor for the longevity of the companionship that both can offer, it can feel a bit imbalanced. Unless, of course, you’re Jeff Burns of Cut and Shoot, TX who learned ‘the hard way’ just how similar a truck and a woman can be.

It all started back in late 2016, when Jeff Burns arrived at his local Chevy dealership, interested in a new model year Silverado. The twenty-three-year-old had a lifelong of Chevy trucks and had been aspiring to buy a new Silverado for years, and had been saving his money accordingly.

“For a young man to be working 2-3 jobs at any given point says something about his ability to set a goal, “says Martha Burns, Jeff’s mother. “But to see one who’s willing to sacrifice the expense of social life, or youthful frivolity in order to save his money in order to achieve that goal speaks volumes as to his follow-through. No-one was surprised the day that he pulled in with that new truck.”

That ‘new truck’ was a 4WD 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 in Deep Ocean Blue Metallic, with a Crew cab and a Short Box bed. And by all accounts, Jeff Burns loved that truck very much.

“He called her Blue,” explained Ray Burns, Jeff’s father. “Whenever she’d start up without a hassle, he’d say ‘you’re my girl, Blue’. The day he came home with her, I swore that he’d drive that truck down to its last mile. But I guess nothing really is forever…”

Despite his inarguable bond with that 2017 Silverado, Jeff Burns would find himself in the unenviable position of having his head turned by the release of a younger and more enticing model.

“I’m sure I wasn’t alone in anticipating the announcement of the next-gen 2019 Silverado,” explained Jeff. “Between the weight reduction and increased power ratings, there was a lot to be excited about. One night, me and a bunch of my friends were having a few beers around the fire. Maybe I had a few too many, but I happened to mention how much I’d love to get me a 2019 Silverado. I didn’t mean anything by it. It was just one of those things you say.”

But if there is any truth behind the saying “a good truck, is like a good woman,” young Jeff Burns should know that there would be consequences over such a statement. The simple implication of desire is damning in itself, but Blue’s belief that he wanted a younger, lighter truck would soon cause a major rift in their relationship.

“The next morning, she just refused to start. I sat there trying to coax her, but she just wouldn’t turn over.”

With no transportation, Jeff had no means of getting to work that day. On subsequent days, the truck would start up, but might only get him part way to work, causing him to arrive late. After a pattern of tardiness and truancy began to form, Jeff’s sole employer was forced to let him go. From that point on, he was unable to make his payments on Blue, leading to her eventual repossession.

“I guess the moral of the story is, you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone,” offers Jeff Burns with the wisdom of a man who has learned from his experience. “My credit a little bit challenged right now, so I doubt I’ll be able to get that 2019 Silverado, anyway. But I still keep my eyes peeled whenever I drive past used truck inventories, in the hopes I might get a second chance with Blue.”


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