Power Wheels Offers Consumers Viable and Economic Options

The Power Wheels EV logo is shown on a red background after people searched 'used cars under $10k.'

Economic hardships have long been a tumultuous ordeal for the average consumer—especially when it comes to finding a reliable method of transportation that’s reasonably priced. With demand higher than ever—and a microchip shortage, finding used cars under $10k becomes comparable to finding a needle in the proverbial haystack.

However, a solution has presented itself in a product that’s been with us for several decades: Power Wheels has announced that it plans on competing with the major manufacturers by marketing its fleet as economical options for adult drivers. While Power Wheels are in fact toys aimed at preschoolers, industry insider Mark Scaglione says that marketing the vehicle to a wider demographic might be one of the most cunning moves the world has ever seen.

Rebranding Geniuses

“Volkswagen plans on eventually having an all EV fleet, but they’re still several years away from accomplishing this.” Scaglione went on to say that, “Power Wheels are all battery powered, and their availability is competitive with big manufacturers such as GM and Toyota…I mean, just think about it; you can walk into Wal-Mart or Target and grab one for a fraction of the price that you might pay for a normal vehicle at a used car lot.”

Scaglione’s comments are interesting and appear to reflect a growing concern among many consumers that ideal vehicles are out of their price range.

We looked at one of the models that Power Wheels is currently marketing. While their Jeep only has a maximum speed of 5 MPH, a 12-volt battery comes with the vehicle and can be easily recharged in the comfort of your own home. A starting MSRP of under $400 makes it the most affordable EV on the market.
A concern among some are the low amounts of weight that Power Wheels can support. We asked Mr. Scaglione about this concern. He was very blunt about the troublesome times that we currently live in.

“Look, the name of the game is saving money. By offering battery powered vehicles that help lower the number of harmful emissions and eliminate the costs of repairs, fuel, and insurance, people will be saving a lot more. As far as the concern about weight, well, I hear Keto is working wonders for many.” Scaglione went on to say that we all must make sacrifices and do our part for the environment.

Auto Market Takeover

Power Wheels have the potential to become the highest selling EVs on the planet. There’s still no word if purchasing one will make someone eligible for the tax credit currently offered to drivers who decide to go green and purchase an EV.

Gloria Doro, a 34-year-old single mother, recently made the switch to a secondhand Power Wheels Barbie Corvette, which she purchased from her neighborhood Goodwill. “I wish I wasn’t so quick to get rid of my old one,” Doro lamented. “I don’t have to worry about paying for gas and can go up to six miles per hour. The money I’m saving is unbelievable!”

When asked about any hardships she was experiencing, Doro remarked that, “The hardest part about owning one is explaining to my six-year-old daughter that it’s mommy’s car—and not hers.”

Doro’s ability to find a working Barbie Corvette that was built in 1990 and still runs presents another competitive edge that Power Wheels holds on the EV marketplace. With secondhand stores and independent sellers all over the internet, there’s a chance that many manufacturers could lose out on potential business through the various CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) programs now very prominent within the industry. We asked Scaglione about his thoughts on how this could impact the marketplace. “There’s been quite a bit of talk about how the EV is revolutionizing the game as far as offering ecologically friendly options to consumers. Power Wheels has the potential to start a counter-revolution.”

It’s unclear what Power Wheels will make available for the upcoming model year, but many are already predicting a game-changing announcement in the coming months. Mattel could very well become the new Tesla, for less than one hundredth of the cost.


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