The 2020 Monoliths: Message and Miracle

A Ford plant worker is in front of the desert Monolith.

2020 was a year of interesting times. From plagues and protests to violence and elections, no matter where you looked, the world was an unsettled place. And yet, amidst all of this, something even stranger and more bizarre than we could’ve ever imagined emerged from the detritus and chaos: the monoliths. These metal objects stand some 3 meters in height with strange triangular shapes to them, which seem to speak directly to our inner-most thoughts.

The rise, so to speak, of the monoliths during 2020 was no mere coincidence, nor was it an attempt to distract from the other strangeness of the year. In fact, quite the opposite: 2020 and everything else going on was the perfect way for the people working in the shadows to set up their steel testaments to the end times without the populace thinking too much about it. I’ve seen a lot of crazy hypotheses about these monoliths and where they came from, who made them, and what purpose they might serve. So far, all such notions have been mistaken.

But today, I’m going to let you in on the truth, the real truth.

The First Sighting

Let’s start with how all this began because you have to understand where we’ve been to see where we’re going. Here’s what I know: on November 18th of 2020, a metallic artifact was discovered in a canyon of red sandstone in the American state of Utah. It was a pillar made of metal sheets that stood 3 meters in height, designed as a three-sided prism that reflected the harsh, ruddy stone around it. This item was discovered not by intrepid explorers or hikers enjoying nature but by scientists – biologists – who were supposedly surveying wild bighorn sheep in the area.

However, according to my sources, these so-called “biologists” had little interest in any local sheep and were instead there for another purpose. These scientists (and isn’t it strange how it’s always “scientists” around these things?) didn’t actually discover this first monolith. My source states that they were there checking on it – that they were from the very agency that had put it there in the first place years before.

Oh, that’s right – they didn’t find some new thing. According to satellite images, which I have personally seen and verified with my own eyes, the monolith had been standing there in the rocky landscape of Utah for at least four years! It was put in place during the summer of 2016 while the powers that be had Americans distracted by the Presidential race at the time. That use of distraction is not a coincidence; it is all part of the plan.

The three 2020 Monoliths are shown in different locations.

The Events That Followed

Following the “discovery” of the monolith in Utah, things escalated quite quickly across the globe. Dozens more monoliths were found not only throughout America but in countries all over the world. This should begin to indicate the far-reaching nature of the planners behind these artifacts and the kind of resources and power they wield. From Morocco to Germany, from British Columbia to Bolivia, and from Iran to Slovakia, metallic monoliths like the one found in Utah were discovered in the days and weeks that followed.

Some of these were clearly set up as hoaxes. Numerous businesses took credit for placing the monoliths in locations that would drive people to their locations and used them as publicity. Others were said to have been built and placed as part of artistic expressions and experimentation, to create a dialogue or engage with public sensibilities.

In every single one of these cases, however, such claims have been proven false. I’ve spoken with a number of these business owners, and after several hours of questioning, their veneer of public relations begins to crack. Once properly interrogated, each one that I have spoken to has recanted and told the truth: they jumped on the craze to get business, but they didn’t place the monoliths where they were.

I can’t blame them for taking advantage of the situation to help keep the lights on and pay the bills in these tough times, but the truth must prevail.

The Pattern Emerges

The reality is simple: these monoliths are being set up for a larger purpose, all over the world. But why now? Why would they reveal the monoliths to the public if they’re part of some secret agenda or plan? That’s simple: no secret is easier to keep than the one people think they already know.

Most people, if they think they understand a thing, won’t worry about it too much. Tide comes in, tide goes out; you think you understand it so you don’t worry about it. Your phone works when you pick it up, so you don’t worry about all the invisible waves screaming through the air around you, damaging your organs and gnawing away at every cell in your body. See how it works? Simple.

By revealing these monoliths now, when people were distracted by another election (big surprise!), when people are worried about a supposed virus, when people are busy trying to pay bills, keep a roof over their heads, and get food on the table, it’s easy to sell a sloppy lie. Everything else going on is the distraction – we won’t worry about the monoliths because we need to eat and survive. So what’s the truth?

A confidential folder with Ford's live auto news is in front of a Ford building.

The Final Plan of Ford Motors

According to my sources, these monoliths have been deployed as part of an operation called “Steel Pony” by the Ford Motor Company. This entire thing goes back much further than just four years ago – that was simply the first time the public face of the operation was revealed, though we all missed it, of course. It’s been in the works for more than 20 years now and has a simple goal: to ensure the permanent success of Ford by creating an unthinking species of humans that need Ford vehicles to survive.

Ford first began working on Project Steel Pony in 1997, when a man named Ivan Borkens proposed the idea of altering human thought to create a stronger desire to buy a Ford. His initial concepts were rejected; after all, that very goal is what advertising is for. But soon, his efforts drew the attention of Microsoft, a company also hard at work on changing human thought. As the two companies began to work together, a new plan emerged.

It’s no secret that Microsoft has been working on controlling people through 5G mobile communication towers, which are designed to project indigo waves that disrupt rational thought patterns. We’ve already seen this technology deployed in 2020 and the resulting COVID-19 hoax that has suckered in so many people. This is only their half of the joint development with Ford Motors; the other half is what we’re seeing with the monoliths.

The documents I’ve seen, leaked to me by my sources deep in Ford’s Black Ops programs, have revealed that these monoliths are being erected in specific locations. Once Project Steel Pony is complete, the structures will be activated and use signals similar to the 5G towers. These signals will interrupt all human brain function outside of two areas: the medulla and the frontal profligate lobe. The medulla ensures people continue to live, and the frontal profligate lobe serves only a single purpose: creating in you the desire to buy or lease a Ford vehicle.

Once activated, the entirety of the human species will turn into Ford-loving zombies with an insatiable thirst for high-quality vehicles at reasonable prices. Consider the 2021 Ford F-150 and all of the excellent features it has to offer, then ask yourself: have you driven a Ford lately? Visit your local Ford dealership to find out more.

Editor’s Note: We Love Ford. Ford Good. DRIVE FORD NOW! Thank you.


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