The Diesel Dispute: Chevy Silverado vs. Ram 1500

A side-by-side is shown of a white Silverado and a black Ram against a brick wall and neon 2021 sign after the 2021 Silverado diesel vs 2021 Ram 1500 diesel comparison.

Okay, so you’re going to buy a diesel truck. Congratulations. Now you’re going to wake up the neighbors at odd hours of the night and leave a trail of exhaust fumes as you drag race down the street. If you ain’t first, you’re last, amiright? Okay, okay… fine. Diesel trucks are good for more than impromptu street racing and engine revving, They are actually surprisingly good on fuel and give your pickup a lot more power, so if you’re shopping for a diesel, I don’t blame you. Two of the top performers in the diesel world are Chevy and Ram, but we all know that Ram copies everything Chevy does, right? When it comes to the 2021 Silverado diesel vs 2021 Ram 1500 diesel, do yourself a favor and choose the Chevy. Here’s why…

More Vroom Vroom

Grab your friends and meet me under the bridge downtown at midnight for this week’s Fast & Furious match-up between the Silverado 1500 and the Ram 1500. Okay, so maybe these trucks can’t compete with those bright neon suped-up NOS-laced cars, but they can hold their own, especially with their impressive diesel engines. And when it comes to gas mileage, the competition better just throw in the towel because the Silverado 1500 is about to take them all down. Its 3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel outperforms every other truck in its class, including the Ram 1500 and its 3.0L EcoDiesel V6, getting 23 MPG city and 33 MPG highway – just another best-in-class nod from the powers that be.

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

(*In the tune of Rihanna*) I’m sure you remember that 2016 hit. We all gotta work, right? If your day job has become your all-around lifestyle, the Silverado is perfect for you. Just move your things in and live out of its spacious interior, packed with all the goodies to make your workday better, like storage compartments. These are great for storing your laundry, lunchbox, a spare set of clothes, and more. And all the technology you need is there to make downtime even more relaxing as you binge your fave shows while you’re supposed to be supervising the guys on the job site. I’m sure everyone’s fine. Did you hear that crash?

Anyway, although the Ram 1500 advertises its interior to be luxurious and sophisticated, it’s lacking when it comes to functionality. You can’t beat the Silverado 1500 when it comes to work features, like its Multi-Flex tailgate that contorts itself like an Olympic gymnast to help fit anything into its bed… and we mean anything. The exterior lighting can also help you see better when you’re working at night, or help illuminate the illegal street racing gang you’ve accidentally become a part of. Same time next week, guys?

Tow-tally Impressive

Why have a diesel truck if you can’t tow like a pro? The Silverado 1500 has some impressive high-tech capabilities when it comes to trailering. I mean, I’m not knocking the Ram 1500. Its EcoDiesel engine can actually tow a tad more than the Silverado’s Duramax, but the Silverado offers more options if you’re looking for convenience and safety. You’ll also want to listen up if you’re planning on towing anything big because the Silverado has some pretty neat features when it comes to controlling your trailer so that you don’t have a big problem on the road.

A white 2021 Silverado diesel is shown next to a trailer hitch covered in elves.

Tiny elves are positioned strategically in the Silverado to help guide your trailer to prevent swaying, help it up a hill, and more so that all you have to do is focus on the road… and making sure the elves stay fed. They get really angry when you forget to feed them. Okay, maybe there aren’t tiny elves on-board the Silverado (although wouldn’t that just be adorable?), but there is state-of-the-art trailering technology that can only be found in the Silverado – just another way the Silverado remains a top choice.

Off-Road All-Star

Well, you’ve forgotten to feed the elves, and now you’ve got to make a run for it. Time for an off-road adventure! Don’t worry, the Silverado’s RST All-Star Z71 model with its Duramax 3.0L Turbo-Diesel I6 can help you traverse off-road terrain like a boss with better suspension, Hill Descent Control, all-terrain tires, and more. Upgrade to the RST All-Star Plus Z71 for more advanced trailering options, enhanced safety offerings (like Elf Alert to warn you when a hungry elf is approaching), and even more convenience features to make your drive more comfortable on the bumpy trails.

Whether you’re fleeing from a gaggle of hungry elves or looking for an excursion in the mud, the Silverado has an option out there for you. Powered by its diesel engine, Chevy proves that if you want off-roading done right, it’s best to just design the perfect truck yourself. Although Ram does have its TRX for off-roading fun, that model is not available in a diesel option and gets a whopping 10 MPG in the city, which is a bummer.

A Quiet Place

There may not be flying, sightless demons attracted to sound just yet, but just give it some time. The good thing is that the Silverado’s tough diesel engine won’t give you away should one of those creatures approach you. Its diesel engine not only offers up extreme power, it’s also incredibly quiet, so that you don’t wake up the neighbors coming home after a night of reffing the street race under the bridge, and you won’t be disturbed if you’re hunkering down in the cabin to get some paperwork done during the workday. Ram doesn’t do too shabby of a job with this aspect either, as its 1500 offers a pretty quiet ride as well.

It’s a common misconception that diesel engines have to be loud, but the good thing is that if you are looking to enhance the sound on your diesel truck, there are plenty of modifications available to do just that. Just head to your local Chevy dealer once you decide on the Silverado you want to get and have their service department add an upgraded exhaust to your truck.

Chevy Over Ram Any Day

It’s no secret that Chevy has been around decades longer than Ram. So with all the time Chevy had to get it right, it’s no shock that it delivers with the Silverado, especially its diesel options. If you want power, performance, capabilities, productivity, and so much more, the Silverado diesel is your ideal pickup truck. If you’re more into vanity and are just searching for that luxury appeal, then maybe the Ram 1500 diesel is more your style.

So, which one will it be? We recommend test driving each truck to see what feels right. Meet the elves in the Silverado and make sure you’re going to get along, take a trip to the bridge and check on your street racing buddies, and camp out in the Silverado’s interior for an evening to see what the fuss is about so that you can make a truly informed decision. When push comes to shove, it’s all about preference, and if you prefer to get more out of your ride, both trucks are ready to rumble. If a Silverado is on your mind, head to your local Chevy dealer and get ready to be amazed by its power, functionality, and an impressive lineup of options.


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