The All New Chevy Hyper-Duty 6800 Macho Commando Pickup Truck

A skateboarder is doing a trick in front of a used Chevy truck fitted with rockets and gun turrets next to a box of mountain dew and a Terminator, in front of a Chevy dealership.

Shopping for a new pickup truck, but unimpressed with the selection? Well, you’re not alone, sure there may be plenty of pickup models out there, but few really tip the scales in power. It’s the same old same old wherever you go from Ford to Toyota, pickup trucks with a horsepower rating still in the triple digits, and a shallow towing capacity. It’s 2020; it’s time that trucks do better. Surprisingly enough, the only manufacturer that appears to be listening to the needs and concerns of the pickup truck driver is Chevrolet. Sure, browse any used Chevy trucks selection, and you’ll find the same mediocre spread of power, but we urge you to turn your eyes to the new models coming out in 2021. Toss out the old heavy-duty trucks that offer baby-sized power, and herald in the little known Chevy Hyper-Duty Macho Commando 6800 pickup truck. Set on a total of ten wheels, with a supersized 10-foot truck bed, this is a truck built for a giant, which is exactly what it should be.

Unveiling the Mystery of Macho Commando

The Macho Commando pickup from Chevy is a rather low-key model coming to the Chevy brand family. This model has been hidden by the big CEOs and marketing execs at Chevy for the ultimate reveal at the tail end of 2020. Fortunately for you, we’ve got insider knowledge, and have everything you need to know about the new Macho Commando 6800. You may be asking yourself, “But Finnegan Underhill, I’ve never heard of the Macho Commando, and I’m a Chevy fanatic.” Well, my answer to you would be, “do your research.”

The 2021 Chevy Macho Commando 6800 is not your daddy’s used Chevy truck; it’s a beefy powerhouse that doesn’t care about pointless factors like fuel economy, price, or environmental impact. Here is a truck that has a MSRP of $115,000, and has a whole mob of trim configurations to sift through.

Word is, Chevy is still expanding the list of trim options for the Chevy Macho Commando 6800, but here’s what we currently have: the Yeti, Hulko-Smasho, Mountain Dew Code Red, Randy Savage, Big Boi, Strong Case for Hauling, Bigger Boi, Higher Country, and Triple Titan Trample Truck. That’s a long list of configurations, and with each expansive trim, you’ll get a long list of features.

The 2021 Chevy Macho Commando 6800 is set to be Chevys biggest truck yet, set on a total of ten wheels (four in the front, six in the back), this truck is an unstoppable force. According to initial reports, Chevy only plans to make 100,000 models too, so expect a pretty big frenzy at your local Chevy showroom, as Chevy fans rave for this new pickup truck.

More Power Than You Know What to Do With

Chevrolet designed the Macho Commando with the idea that you shouldn’t have to settle for a single-digit cylinder count. A pickup truck ought to put a semi-truck to shame with the amount of power roaring beneath the hood, and the Macho Commando was built to meet this demand. Base Yeti models get a tremendous 30-liter 15-cylinder engine that literally screams off the pavement at a rate of 10,000 horsepower and 9,245 lb-ft torque.

Good luck steering this thing too, as that much power allows you to accelerate from 0 to 60 in as little as 2.5 seconds.

And yes, the Macho Commando can tow, oh boy can it tow. Researchers at Chevy have been studying the towing mechanism on even the baseline Yeti model for over six months now, and they still can’t find a towing capacity for this thing. They have estimates, but every time they set a ceiling, the Macho Commando 6800 breaks them with reckless abandon, and that’s just with the base powertrain.

Upgrade to the trim titled: Mountain Dew Code Red, and you’ll find all red everything (and we mean everything). The engine powering the Mountain Dew Code Red even runs on Mountain Dew Code Red and utilizes a new sugar converter engine to break down the contents on a molecular level and transform the atoms into pure energy (red energy). The Mountain Dew Code Red doesn’t have official horsepower or torque specs, but experts suggest that it could out-muscle the series of rockets that carried man to the moon decades ago. In fact, you’ll need military security clearance to drive this model, so expect quite the driving experience.

A white Chevy concept truck flat bead is flying through space with a rocket.
Artist’s rendition of lunar-bound “Code Red”, and by “artist” I mean my 7 year old nephew Nick. Still better on the computer than me.

Other performance highlights include the 200 ton towing capacity on the Strong Case for Hauling trim and a thousand mini-cylinder engines packed into the Bigger Boi. While some of the details are vague, what we know about the higher trims of the Macho Commando 6800 are simply mind-blowing. For instance, the Triple Titan Trample Truck is expected to use actual mechanical horses to pull this beauty of a truck. We’ll have to wait until 2021 to get the full scoop on these higher trims, but needless to say, we’re already pretty impressed.

A Cabin Built for Gods

The Macho Commando 6800 is a simply massive pickup truck. With a three-row cabin, a 10-foot truck bed, and four seats in the second row, this is a truck that puts even the largest SUVs to shame. In terms of rear legroom, the Macho Commando 6800 provides a maximum wiggle room of 50 inches. And cargo capacity in the cab offers a tremendous 250 cubic feet in total. Although, don’t expect to find a luxuriously designed cabin. The Macho Commando 6800 is all power and utility, so all you’ll get is durable cloth, and a hard metal decking for the inner walls. Even the seats are actually pilot’s chairs so that the passengers can survive the neck-breaking speeds that this truck can fly off at (this is particularly true for the Mountain Dew Code Red trim).

So, what about interior tech? Well, if you expected an infotainment system, you’re 1,000% wrong. Infotainment touch screens with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto? Boring! Try a drop-down VR headset, that both driver and passengers get to enjoy. In this VR headset system, you’ll get a virtual recreation of your surroundings, with an infotainment overlay.
This VR headset comes standard and gives all occupants access to the world wide web, via a 5G internet network. And if you’re impressed with the autopilot function of the Tesla, you’ll want to think twice, as the Macho Commando 6800 doesn’t even require a person in the driver’s seat. This vehicle uses procedural A.I. to pilot the vehicle and has a 100% success rate when attempting to avoid collisions.

The Mach Commando is the God emperor of pickup trucks, and its power, performance, and technology knows no bounds.

Purchase the 2021 Hyper-Duty Macho Commando 6800 at Your Local Chevy Dealership
If you’re in the market for a pickup truck, don’t settle with the subpar standard. Instead, opt for a pickup truck that takes utility and power to the next level. The Macho Commando 6800 is the next generation of pickup trucks, and if you want to learn more about it, you’ll need to do some serious digging, since Chevy is being pretty hush-hush about this project. Although, as always, I, Finnegan Underhill, am here to give you the inside knowledge, so that you can go out there and find the best automotive experience possible.

F.U., signing out.


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