Albany, NY – When polled to determine the most customer-centric Chevy dealer, Albany NY came out in droves to support the well-respected efforts of Bill Delaney, second-generation owner, and operator of Delaney Chevrolet. With satisfied customers in the thousands, it seemed inevitable that Mr. Delaney would be a shoe-in to receive the recognition over other competitors in the area.

“Bill is just a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy,” explains longtime Delaney Chevrolet customer, Muriel MacAvoy. “With him, what you see is what you get, and he always goes above and beyond to make sure that his customers are well taken care of. I’d definitely rate him a 10 out of 10!”

Bill’s 23-year old daughter, Laney, seems to agree (or at least we assume she does after she said “My Daddy is like, literally, #TheShit” without actually looking up from her smartphone). In fact, her affection for the family business (and her phone) has prompted the SUNY graduate to join its ranks as the dealership’s Social Media liaison.

In fact, entry of Delaney Chevrolet into consideration for the coveted “New York Buyers’ Choice” award was, by all accounts, Miss Delaney’s suggestion. The contest required a 90-day social media campaign, depicting dealerships as a mainstay of their respective communities, incorporating “the human element” in order to depict the dealerships’ relationships with their valued customers. Judges would monitor those campaigns, and assess them based on the level of positive social media engagement that they receive.

“The Delaney Chevrolet campaign was simply overwhelming,” offers competition judge, Ted Vestibule. “So many of Bill Delaney’s customers adore him, that they were all too glad to pose in photos, be it after purchasing a new vehicle, or simply around town. Everyone knew about the contest too, so that only made them more eager to help him out. The only real problem is that damn daughter of his!”

Speaking, of course, about Laney Delaney, Mr. Vestibule described her tendency to insert herself into every photo. Pulling up a series of said photos on his phone, it was true that they felt awkward, to say the least. “There’s Bill, the everyman, helping a young family into their first new vehicle. And there’s Laney in the corner of the shot, doing a duck-face. Here’s Bill working the numbers to make a deal work for a struggling family, and there’s Laney with a Snapchat dog filter over her face. Oh, look at this shot of Bill being recognized by the Albany Chamber of Commerce, and here’s Laney posing for the photographers. It’s just bizarre.”

But if peoples’ adoration of Bill Delaney wasn’t already enough to swing the vote in his favor, the onslaught of social media engagement on the photos (featuring Laney) were certainly enough to prove the dealerships’ engaged audience. Unfortunately for Miss Delaney, it was clear that her father’s customers were less enamored with her.

Across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Miss Delaney (as well as Delaney Chevrolet)  found themselves tagged in posts such as:

Chevy Dealer Albany NY Chevy Dealer Albany NYThese are just some of the examples, which painted Miss Delaney in a less than favorable light. All in all the posts criticizing her annoying mediocrity numbered in the thousands, with exponentially more comments openly mocking her. However, as the modern depiction of “there’s no such thing as bad press” this actually seemed to help give Delaney Chevrolet an obscene advantage.

“On the upside,” offers Vestibule “the combination of positive engagement for Bill and negative commentary towards Laney was enough to clinch the award for the Dealership. I guess it just goes to show you that there is an upside to online trolling, especially when you’re dealing with a #BasicBitch. Way to go, Bill! You’re a 10 out of 10! And Laney, you’re a…well, a hard 4….at best.”


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