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It is an unspoken rule of communication that ‘word choice matters,’ even more-so when there is a ‘language barrier’ in place. Even the most unintentional misuse of a word, gesture or a vague phonetic similarity could cause result in anything from an awkward misunderstanding to an international incident. Perhaps this risk is most recently evidenced by a misstep made by none other than global automaker, Nissan.

Next time you’re searching ‘Nissan Dealership Near Me’ get ready for the possibility that you might not recognize the offerings that are served up to you. Fear change? That’s okay. But just imagine how the diverse Asian cultures feel, attempting to retain their ancient cultures in the face of the ever-evolving world around them. But you’re probably assuming that any growth enjoyed by Nissan would take the nuances of a Japanese culture into consideration. Well, apparently you’d be wrong.

If there’s one thing that a large percentage of Asian communities hate, it’s the improper placement and gesturing of hands. If there are two things that a large percentage of Asian communities hate, it’s the improper placement and gesturing of hands AND the western influence of American culture. So, you can bet your sweet Wang that many Asians remain suspicious of western business endeavors (especially when Americans and the French are involved, aided by one of their own).

Case in point, Nissan-Renault’s current plans for an eco-friendly restructuring using Japan as a testing grounds. In this era which, so rightfully, prioritizes sustainability among our primary considerations when purchasing a new vehicle, there are few automakers who fail to offer an EV nameplate. In fact, the EV and Hybrid offerings within most lineups continue to grow in measured steps, reinforcing the need for such vehicles to effect healthy management of our environmental resources. Nissan has announced plans to introduce as many as three all-electric cars, as well as five hybrids, by 2022. While the automaker’s Japanese infrastructure makes its homeland a seemingly natural fit, the unwelcome western influence was made tangible in a potential miscommunication that Nissan could have easily sidestepped…

They referred to the vehicles as ‘electrified’ versus ‘electrical.’

Horrified and outraged, activist groups (Japanese and otherwise) are protesting the word choice, calling it “insensitive and a perceived threat from the West, using a native automaker as the catalyst for forced American imperialism.”

Nissan CEO, Hiroto Saikawa dismisses the claims, calling it “a simple misunderstanding. Nissan  Motor Company has no intention of targeting our Japanese brothers and sisters with threats of electrocution” adding “it’s not like we’re North Korea, for Christ’s sake.”

Apparently, the error was made by a Nissan Marketing Associate by the name of Ashley. According to Nissan Board Member Greg Kelly, “This kind of thing was par for the course for Ashley, who…well…let’s just say that vocabulary is not her strong suit. In our office alone, we have a trending hashtag (#WordsWithAshley) that we use whenever she misuses a word. In all fairness, we use the hashtag a lot.”

Needless to say, someone at Nissan better have “words with Ashley” so that the people of Japan don’t think the automaker is implementing plans to electrocute them all. After all, it’s not like we’re North Kora, for Christ’s sake.”


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