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Ah, the internet. Between deceptive clickbait headlines, political Facebook memes and the ever-enjoyable rabbit hole that is Reddit, it can be very simple to feed our human tendency towards self-deception. And it’s thanks to the power of the Internet, that Fiat-Chrysler and Jeep have managed to pull off one of the most impressive April Fool’s gags ever.

Among enthusiasts and laypeople alike, the Jeep Wrangler JK had grown to epitomize the modern sensibility of what a Jeep was. Just ask Brendan Porter, a Jeep enthusiast who had owned a number of Wranglers throughout his adult life. Indoctrinating his girlfriend Jayla into ‘Jeep Life’ he even put her behind the wheel of a Jeep, leading to her eventual employment at a Jeep Parts & Accessories store. Before deciding to trade-in his current Jeep for the newest model, he became aware of Jeep’s plans to revitalize the Wrangler for 2018. Needless to say, Brendan Porter was only one of many loyalists whose plans were suddenly thrown into question.

“Yeah, truth be told, I would have probably made my way to the dealership in the next weekend or two. But when I heard that they were moving forward with the JL, I decided to hang onto my Wrangler for another year or two. Why? Because I wanted to wait and get a look at the JL before I tied myself up in another new vehicle.”

And wait, is exactly what Brendan Porter did.


Not only did the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL prove to be one of the most highly anticipated offerings of the model year but, based on early views it quickly proved to be one of the most divisive. This is really no surprise, considering that its immediate predecessor enjoyed a 14-year long run that no-one seemed eager to interrupt. Perhaps that’s why the final design felt like Jeep was hedging their bets to satisfy both sides. Offering a 200 LB weight reduction (despite an increase in size) with a switch from steel-to-aluminum body, the JL was designed to offer a more comfort and amenity-based cabin. New engine configurations sweetened the deal, as well.

“Normally I like a more rugged, classic look,” offered Porter. “But I really liked the update. Add in three new and compelling engine options, plus the superior infotainment system and I was sold. For me, personally, the JL was totally worth the wait.”


But was it?

Upon arriving at the Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership, Brendan was greeted by Ron Helpratt, a salesperson who had assisted him on an earlier purchase. After a hearty handshake, Brendan inquired about their inventory of the new JL.

“I honestly didn’t know what he was talking about,” offered Helprat. “I’ve never heard of the JL. I started to think that he was pulling some kind of April Fools Joke since it was the first of the month.”

Porter was equally as confused. “How could he know nothing about the JL? It’s been making headlines regularly throughout 2018. The buzz has been everywhere! I literally can’t even scroll through my newsfeed without seeing multiple articles about the JL.”

But as the member of several Jeep clubs, did Brendan Porter actually know anyone who owned a JL? Had he ever actually seen one? “No,” he says, stroking his beard thoughtfully. “but I’ve seen plenty of pictures, have read countless reviews and watched a number of videos over the last 18 months. The JL clearly exists.”

“No, it doesn’t,” offered Reid Bigland, FCA’s Head of U.S. Sales, in a brief (yet damning) email. “There is no such thing as the Wrangler JL.”

We shared the confirmation with Porter, who immediately dumped out his drink accusing us of “slipping (him) something, because (he) must be tripping balls.” While THE LEMON has been known to spike a drink or two, we draw the line at drugging our investigative subjects. However, Brendan was able to prove the prevalence of JL content by giving us a look through his social media. Not only did it included content from verified trade publications, but also from Fiat-Chrysler themselves. Suddenly it became clear that this story went all the way to the top.

Thus, we reached out to Jeep’s Director of Social Media, in the hopes of getting to the bottom of this. We were invited to come speak to him in person. Needless to say, we were surprised when his high-backed leather chair spun around to reveal none other Brendon Porter, himself.

“Welcome to my master plan,” he said, stroking a white cat with a diamond-studded Jeep collar. “This is proof positive of the power that Social Media holds. Through it, we can reshape the world, fooling even ourselves! Take Snowball, here…I don’t even like cats. Or do I? Even I don’t know anymore. Fear me, Simpletons. Fear me, Philistines! I am your master! I am the Architect…of…your…reality.”

It was then that we heard a gunshot. Turning, we saw Jayla, Brendon’s girlfriend, brandishing the smoking gun which had fired the bullet. Without blinking, she said, “Brendon always WAS intolerable on April Fools’ Day.”


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