It’s about time the BMW X3 got an update. The third generation X3 has the latest and greatest in design and technology, while the second generation X3 might as well be something out of a Fred Flintstone cartoon. After all, the second generation X3 has been puttering along America’s roads for close to seven years now. That’s ancient in automotive years. BMW had to give the poor old gal a facelift so that the X3 could compete with other luxury vehicles on the market like the Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class, and Jaguar F-Pace.



The most obvious update in the BMW X3 is in the exterior design. It is seriously a night and day transformation between the two generations of vehicles. Just check out that kidney grille on the new X3—it’s clearly much larger than its predecessor’s. Not to mention the new, high-tech lights on the front and back of the X3. It’s a marvel of modern electrical engineering.

If you view the vehicles from the side, it’s obvious which X3 is the newer one. After all, it has those sassy curves in the sides of the body that are definitely an upgrade from the second generation X3.

Move around to the back and you’ll see a much wider trunk. There’s no way that anyone could ever possibly need that much space, but if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

And don’t forget the panoramic sunroof. Only plebeians would drive a so-called luxury vehicle without a panoramic sunroof.



Moving from the outside in, the differences between the two vehicles become even more apparent. The steering wheel, dash, and display have obviously been given a refresh. The third generation BMW X3 brings the kind of sleek, innovative technology we in 2018 need to survive our basic existences. With a flick of your finger, you can do more than just flip off the guy in the truck who cut you off on the highway; you can control the entire center screen with a digital interface to rival that of the Starship Enterprise.

Moving back to the trunk, a simple press of a button can bring down all of the backseats, allowing you  enough space to live back there (with your entire family, extended aunts, uncles, third cousins twice removed included, plus the neighbor and the neighbor’s cat Mr. Sprinkles) if you so desired. As if that amount of space wasn’t enough, there’s also a secret storage compartment in the trunk that is perfect for transporting anything from bodies to bury to your kid’s soccer gear.

Not to mention that all of the leather and shiny chrome will make you feel like you’re in a spaceship. But it doesn’t just look good; it feels good, too. The most important part of a car when you’re stuck in traffic for hours is the seats. Nobody wants to plant their butts in the seat of a car only to emerge hours later with stiff knees and a tingly tush. In the new BMW X3, the hands of literal angels will envelop your bum the whole ride, unlike the older model, which just had regular car seats like the peasants had in medieval times. You need the new X3. Believe us; your butt will thank you.

The new X3 is so much bigger than the old X3. The wheelbase on the third generation is a whopping 2.2 inches larger than the wheelbase on the second generation. That extra 2.2 inches makes a whole world of difference in storage and comfort, especially when compared to the sardine can that was the second generation X3. And in the world of luxury vehicles, size matters.


Even though science may not yet have achieved flying cars, driving the BMW X3 will make you feel like you’re in one. And not just because the inside looks like a futuristic spaceship. The all-wheel drive will give you the smoothest ride of your life. Whether you’re driving on a flat stretch of road or bending around twists and turns on the side of a mountain like in any good car commercial, you will feel like butter sliding over a hot pan. That all-wheel drive is definitely going to come in handy when you take your luxury SUV off-roading.

The new BMW X3 can also hook up to basically any mobile device ever invented, like iPhones, Androids, the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, and even the Amazon Echo. Allowing the X3 to hook up to the Echo will come in handy when you’re living in the spacious trunk and need to order stuff on Amazon.  The car is also capable of functioning as a WiFi hotspot and charging your devices wirelessly. You can also get Apple CarPlay, but not Android Auto (because iPhones are better anyway). If you’re feeling really wild, you can also use ParkNow to reserve and pay for parking spaces or, when parking on the street, use the Remote 3D function to have a small army of cameras take photos of the vehicle’s immediate surroundings and send it to your phone.

If you like feeling powerful, you’ll love the BMW X3’s four (or six, depending on which one you choose) liter engine, which also happens to be boosted by a turbocharger. However, don’t be fooled; despite the car’s 30i designation, the BMW X3 actually has a two-liter diesel engine instead of a three-liter one.  Either way, driving this baby will make you feel as powerful as if you were riding all 248 of those horses yourself.



Now, the one thing about the third generation BMW X3 that is definitely a lot different from the second generation of vehicles is the starting price point, which has increased by $2,400. That means that you won’t be getting the third generation BMW X3 for anything less than $43,445 unless you can find some kind of sweet deal or sale. But hey, at least the third generation BMW X3 comes with plenty of technological amenities and space for people because at these prices, you might be living in it!

Essentially, the second and third generations of the BMW X3 are definitely a lot different. BMW completely overhauled the whole vehicle and did not just make minor tweaks. After all, BMW needed something major and groundbreaking in 2018 to keep them competitive and out of bankruptcy. So, while your grandma and all of her friends from knitting circle are still driving the


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