BMW Reveals More Than They Realize

The heated seat buttons of a BMW are shown.

If you’ve been paying attention to the world of automotive news lately, then you’ve no doubt heard a fair amount of kerfuffle over the fact that BMW has begun charging a subscription for certain features in their vehicles. Things like heated seats and steering wheels, as well as additional functionality like being able to use the safety-system cameras to capture footage from outside of the vehicle, are all being offered to customers in places like the UK as part of a subscription service. This has raised the hairs of a few car lovers out there, but as I read the headlines over and over again to myself, there was something I couldn’t help but notice. Something no one else was talking about. Which is, quite simply, this: the existence of a heated-seat sub implies the existence of a heated-seat dom(me)!

What Is a Heated-Seat Sub?

On the one hand, if most news outlets are to be believed, a heated-seat sub is simply a subscription for car seating to have heated functionality. In this instance, BMW is selling vehicles with all the hardware needed for heating to work and simply deactivating the function through the car’s software. They then offer a yearly subscription for customers to have this activated; stop paying, and the seats stop heating.

On the other hand, however, it’s clear from BMW’s marketing materials and press releases that they’re also interested in heated-seat subs in regard to BDSM power exchange and the world of kink. I’m not surprised; they’re a German car company, after all. It’s remarkable that they’re finally comfortable enough in their skin to just come out with it and tell the world. Good for them, I say. No kink-shaming from me.

What Is a Heated-Seat Dom(Me)?

Since BMW is all about heated-seat subs these days, they will need to find a heated-seat dom(me) to help them fully explore their new out-and-proud kink-focused lifestyle. While they could start their search online, we all know that the internet is rife with numerous fake heated-seat doms looking to prey upon inexperienced subs looking for a good time. I would suggest BMW becomes involved in their local scene and find the heated-seat domination they’ve been looking for.

In fact, a quick search of “heated-seat domination” brings up all kinds of interesting results that I’m sure BMW will find sufficiently stimulating. I was curious about what was out there, so I put some feelers out, and in no time, I had numerous people offering to “heat my seat” for me; such polite and sophisticated folks, the lot of ‘em! Apparently, based on what I’ve found, BMW won’t even need to provide the paddles for proper seat-heating, which means they’re boosting their profits already!

What Does This Tell Us About BMW?

It’s clear that BMW is moving forward into the future of the auto industry with a renewed focus on alternative, erotic lifestyles. I, for one, applaud BMW’s confidence and commitment to living its most-authentic life and being true to what it’s looking for in a customer. Although, I can’t help but wonder if this entire thing indicates that BMW is also into the FinDom lifestyle since they’re so interested in getting people to spend their money excessively. Whatever the case may be, I’m sure that the world of automotive power exchange is only just finding its footing, and we’ll see Ford F-150 Leather Daddies and Jeep Wrangler brats in no time!

Editor’s Note: While it’s clear that there’s no shortage of masochists among car enthusiasts, particularly those willing to pay for a new BMW, we’re not entirely sure “heat-seat sub” means what the author thinks. After several hours of googling with incognito mode switched on, we’re also no longer sure he’s incorrect either. At this point, we’re just going to assume everything that can be a kink will be a kink and leave it at that. Just remember: consent is everything, and the safe word is “Automatic Emergency Braking.” Thank you.


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