Chevy Dealerships Takes Drastic Measures Against COVID-19

A large roll of bubble wrap is shown in the showroom of a Chevy dealership.

We’re all trying to do our part in the fight against COVID-19, and one Chevy dealership is taking it to the next level by ensuring no humans come into contact ever again. In their words, “We really feel this is the best option for both our employees and customers. Because if we’re already preventing the COVID-19 spread, we might as well prevent every other germ from spreading too.” What is it, you ask, that’s preventing 100% of germs from spreading? Get ready, because it’s about to get poppin’ over here.

Bubble Wrap to Stop the Spread

Customers and employees are now required to wrap themselves in bubble wrap to stop the spread of COVID-19, or really anything. According to materials posted on their door, every part of your body should be covered, even your eyes. Research has shown that you can contract COVID-19 through your eyes, so better be safe than sorry! This complements a face mask that should always cover your mouth and nose. The Chevy dealership has partnered with a local clinic to provide IVs to prevent dehydration since removing your mask to drink could actually infect someone 10 feet away.

The bubble wrap can feel a little bulky, but the team has promised to do everything to still make it a positive car buying experience. There are bubble wrap gloves available so you can still use your hands properly, and there are a variety of bubble wrap sizes from XS-XXL to ensure everyone gets a snug, comfortable fit. When asked if there is scientific research backing this approach of preventative protection, the PR team stated they are starting an innovative approach that will undoubtedly receive the attention and recognition it deserves.

Everyone Wins, Even the Cars!

The best part about this new bubble wrap mandate is it solves another problem of cleaning the cars on the lot. Since everyone is covered in masks and bubble wrap, it keeps the dealership and the car inventory clean twice as long. It’s a win-win! So before you go thinking this is all about going overboard with stopping the spread, think again. This dealership’s solution is thinking about the longevity of its inventory as well as its customers’ health.

Here are some tips before test driving a new Equinox, Silverado, or Traverse. Try not to touch anything in the vehicle’s interior, test drives are restricted to the dealership parking lot, and if you sneeze or cough in the vehicle, you will be asked to purchase it. Since the car inventory has never been cleaner or less driven, there is a price increase throughout all the dealership’s vehicles. Check with the dealership as these change frequently.

So is this going too far? Maybe. Do Chevy dealerships have the authority to mandate full-body coverings? Nope. Wouldn’t it be easier if everyone just applied logic and washed hands and stayed home if feeling sick? Absolutely, but why even take the slightest chance when we can eradicate any sort of risk in our lives. This Chevy dealership believes others will follow suit and adopt this mandate into their own practices. They still haven’t received any visitors since placing the bubble wrap mandate two weeks ago, but they are hopeful the masses will come.

A hand it shown popping bubble wrap next to a general prohibition sign over a virus cell.


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