Chevy Unveils New Paint Colors

Stripes of colors and patterns are showing the 2020-inspired colors to be found on models at your Chevy dealership.

The year is almost over, even though it feels like we are only on the 267th day of March. While the entire world has been shut down, except for Florida, that hasn’t stopped major events from happening. Although the entire year of 2020 has been one giant train wreck, the folks over at Chevrolet spent their time working from home to come up with a new palette of colors to commemorate the year that everyone already wants to forget. Coming soon to a Chevy dealership near you, here are the 2020 Chevrolet shades!

#1 – Virus Green

The color green is laid over a city street with people wearing masks.

At the top of the list is, of course, Virus Green. Inspired by the show-stopping Covid-19 outbreak, this pathogenic shade is reminiscent of a toxic chemical spill. Giving off an almost supernatural, zombie-like glow day and night, there’s absolutely no way to be stealthy in a vehicle with this color. So, if you’re planning on hiding during the impending apocalypse, you may want to avoid this shade like, well, the plague.

#2 – Quarantine Gray

Described by the creators as a muted slate hue, Quarantine Gray is as depressing as it sounds. This ashy, washed-out neutral tone on your next Chevy vehicle is a great way to tell everyone how sad you are. And with therapists only offering video call sessions to patients with phone anxiety, we don’t blame you!

The color grey is laid over a child with a mask who is upset on the floor.

#3 – Does It Spark Joy? White

While Marie Kondo first started trending in 2019, the minds behind Chevy’s new paint colors wanted to pay tribute to her with this ivory shade. Where would we all be without Marie’s useful cleaning and organizational tips during this global pandemic? We’d be underneath a pile of old clothes, dirty dishes, and pizza boxes. Also, please note that vehicles in this color come with an automatic voice alert system that will guilt-trip you into throwing that McDonald’s bag away. Leaving fast-food wrappers in your new car does not spark joy.

#4 – Murder Hornet Brown

For this season’s brown paint color, Chevy decided to do away with Havana Brown and replace it with something that has a bit more sentimental value. Murder Hornet Brown is a rusty, burnt sienna color that sparks irrational fear into the hearts and minds of your fellow drivers. Why? We aren’t quite sure. This particular shade poses no real threat, but it just looks scary.

The color brown is laid over a large hornet.

#5 – Presidential Orange

Have you been feeling patriotic lately? *insert cheeky grin emoji* How does a vibrant, Cheetos-inspired shade of orange sound? This festive hue has a very unique finish to it as it leaves a trail of orange dust behind everywhere it goes. If you order a new Chevy model in Presidential Orange, you should also be aware that this paint color never dries. So, you’ll be left with sticky, orange fingers every time you touch it. Also, when the sun hits it just right, it gives off a bit of an impeach….sorry, a peach hue. It really just depends on the time of day.

The color orange is laid over President Trump.

#6 – Proud Boy White

This special edition color palette is white-on-white. We are serious. Everything is white. The body panels, grille, front/rear bumpers, side mirrors, wheels, tires, and interior are all stark white. Even the windows are painted over with this pasty shade, which makes us wonder where in the world is anyone going in this model? Oh, we almost forgot to mention that this theme is only available on the Silverado HD pickups.

#7 – Black Lives Matter Black

If you are looking for a new hue to suit a darkened aesthetic, the Black Lives Matter Black is a great option. This midnight shade is covered in a clear coat that glistens in the sun. Any model that has been finished in this color also features tinted windows for a smokey appeal. It will also come with an upgraded sound system and a subwoofer for a high-quality music experience.

#8 – Police Brutality Blue

This navy shade of muted, dark blue is another new color available on Chevy vehicles. However, it is only offered on SUVs and cars because that’s all the cops use. While you don’t need to be a uniformed officer to get this paint color, you should note that it may cause some side effects. These may include, but are not limited to, road rage and a deep-seated hatred for any vehicles in the shade Black Lives Matter Black.

#9 – Biden Blue

Not to be confused with Police Brutality Blue, Biden Blue is a bright, airy hue that gives off a strange scent of both ocean mist and baby powder. We aren’t really sure why, but at least it doesn’t stick to your fingers. Also, every vehicle that comes in Biden Blue includes an automatic voice alert that will yell, “Will you shut up, man?” every time you try to talk on your phone without using the hands-free feature.

#10 – I Am Speaking Rose Gold

One of the most unique colors in the 2020 commemorative paint lineup is I Am Speaking Rose Gold. This luxurious shade is only available for female and LGBTQ+ drivers. This alluring shade isn’t all beauty and no bite, though. Any time a cis-hetero male tries to give the driver his unwanted opinion, the vehicle will start playing “WAP” by Cardi B with the volume on max.

#11 – Tiger King Stripes

Taking us back to the old days when classic Chevrolet models came in striped colors, the new Tiger King Stripes is a fun way to tell everyone that you binge-watched everything on Netflix during the quarantine. The orange and black stripes only vaguely resemble those of a real tiger, but it does also come with a tiger growl for the horn sound.

Please note that Chevrolet is not responsible if you get a mullet or bleach your hair after purchasing a vehicle in this color.

#12 – Tie-Dye Lite

Although we never thought that tie-dye would be making a comeback from the 90s, we are pleasantly surprised by the latest pastel tie-dye trend. Soft, subtle hues of baby blue, ballet pink, and lavender swirled together over a white base create a dreamy aesthetic. This color palette is very limited, so you should grab one before they sell out.

#13 – Screaming Into the Void

A dark grey color is laid over a woman screaming.

Are you even surprised that there are 13 shades to commemorate the year 2020? We aren’t! Lucky number 13 is an iridescent shade of black known as Screaming Into the Void. The sparkly part of the color is swirled into a hypnotic circular shape that will make you feel dizzy if you look at it for too long. Also, if you put your face 6-inches or less away from the side of the vehicle, you can scream as loud as you want without anyone hearing you. Whether that is comforting or frightening is for you to decide.

Find These Colors at Your Local Chevy Dealer

Do you want to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for a brand new Chevy model that is painted in one of these memorable hues? Well, these colors are like Easter eggs. You’ll have to hunt to find them.

In fact, Chevrolet has just announced that the company will be holding the first-ever Hunger Games competition. The winner will get their choice of any Chevy model with the commemorative paint color of their choosing. May the odds be ever in your favor.


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