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If you’re like me, then you search for fan-made YouTube songs about particular car brands before you make a vehicle purchase. Fortunately, for those seeking Honda cars, we’ve compiled some of our favorite brand-centric, fan-made tunes below…


First Place: Me and My Honda

This ballad by YouTube user “Jace Converse” is appropriately titled “Me and My Honda.” This tune is really driven home by the apparent singer-songwriter’s lyrics. The tune is fine, and Converse actually has a pretty nice voice. However, his inability to rhyme the word “day” with anything other than the word “highway” made the song feel a bit monotonous, and the overuse of “me and my Honda” got old following the first verse.


Still, considering the fact that I might be whistling this tune on my commute home, I’m going to give it a:



I drive my car every single day

I drive it down this fast highway

I know I’ll be okay

As long as I’m driving my Honda


Me and my Honda Civic

I used to drive a Toyota

Didn’t know which way to turn

And now I got my Honda

We got some road to burn

Me and my Honda

Hitting the road

Me and my Honda

Away we go


Me and my Honda Civic

I know I’m going to make it home tonight

With my Honda Civic


Drive my car in the middle of the night

I know I’ll make it down through the daylight

And I know I’ll be alright as long as I’m driving my Honda Civic


Me and my Honda

Oh oh oh

Me and my Honda

We’re driving along

Me and my Honda

Singing a song

Me and my Honda

It won’t be long


Until I get home tonight in my Honda


[fake guitar solo]

Me and my Honda Civic

oh oh oh

Me and my Honda

Out on the highway

Me and my Honda Civic

Doing it our way

Me and my Honda 

All I can say

I’m going to make it home tonight

With my Honda


Drive my car every single day

I drive it down this fast highway

I know I’ll be okay

As long as I’m driving my Honda


Me and my Honda Civic

oh oh

Me and my Honda

On the highway

Me and my Honda

Doing it our way

Me and my Honda Civic

Going all the way home tonight in my

Honda Civic

oh oh oh

Me and my Honda Civic

Oh on the road

Me and my Honda Civic

We got a long way to go

Me and my Honda

Gonna make it home tonight in my

Honda Civic


Second Place: Honda VTEC Song

The “Honda VTEC Song” by Honda fanatic, McNasty, is the epitome of “great effort, poor execution.” The lyrics are solid and amusing, especially the writer’s willingness to constantly tout his vehicle’s VTEC engine. However, the lyrics didn’t always match with the repetitive background beat, forcing the rapper to rush some of the verses. This was distracting, and I also wasn’t a fan of the unnecessary bad language (I edited the words out below). Therefore, this song gets a:



I love my Honda like I love my ganja

I’ll smoke ya V8 like I smoke marijuana

Back up boy and show some respect

My Honda civic has a four-cylinder VTEC

When I go out people wanna see my ride

They always stare at the “Type R” on the side


I painted my hood black for that carbon fiber look

My windshield wiper lights that off the ****ing hook

I took off my hubcaps cause they give me better times

When I rip a new track I’m stunning on my rhymes


My exhaust turned sideways with a five-inch tip

I raced a Z06 and took home his pink slip

I got a new spoiler from J.C. Whitney

It’s a 15-inch double-stack worth every penny

APC decals and two racing stripes

Four-ion blue daytime running lights

When I take off the front tires go up in smoke

And Chevys with 350s nothing but a joke


Went to Pep Boys and bought all the neon lights

Its like Las Vegas when you see me at night

Don’t mess with the VTEC ‘cause it’ll send ya home

Crying like a fat kid that dropped his ice cream cone


When ya see me coming get out of my way

I gotta cruise the mall cause you know its Friday

I doing loud drive-bys all down the highway

Bumping some techno with my visor turned sideways

If you wanna race ye ass will get tossed

I throw in it neutral and rev up the exhaust

I’m gonna leave your *** in a world on pain

My adrenaline rushing with the rice in my veins


Nutra-slam it in drive when the light turns green

And I’ll eat a Saleen like your mama’s Lean Cuisine

I got another victory in the “domestic basher”

I’ll pull in front of you and throw on my flashers

When you lost you called me a cheater

You just couldn’t hang with the 1.6-liter


The Civic is more like a rocket than it is a car

You’l be saying to yourself “damn is that a type R”

Don’t mess with Hondas cause they’re out of your class

I wait ‘til you get beside me trying ta pass

Let you hear that VTEC when I step on the gas

Next thing you know your *** is finishing last


I fix you a “Type R” burger with some VTEC sauce

Your *** will be fired cause Honda is the boss

Is not called nitrous the **** is called called NOS

You should know by now your life is a loss


It’s about time you stop driving all them wrecks

Get a job at Hardee’s and save all your checks

Or sue KFC for falling on your neck

And when you get paid buy yourself a VTEC



Third Place: I Know (6-foot 4 Honda)

To be honest, this song doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the two masterpieces listed above. This song mentions Honda in the title, but the underwhelming lyrics don’t make a mention of the car brand… in fact, the illegible lyrics don’t really say much at all. Thanks to the half-assed lyric writing, I’m going to give this song a big fat:



I know, I know, I know, I know.


6-foots on the road,

Everybody’s going whoa,

Watch out for this man,

You are about to get trolled.


Yeah buddy,

shoutout to miss 6-foot



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