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Whether or not they are seeking out used cars, drivers have grown all-too accustomed to a lingering presence in their homes. No, we’re not talking about the actual inhabitants of those homes or some sort of otherworldly presence. We’re talking about local auto dealer Philly Bucillo (not to be confused with fellow Albany-based auto dealer, Billy Fucillo).

For decades now, the overwhelming frequency at which Bucillo’s television advertisements have been aired within the greater-Albany area have made the entrepreneur a household name. Tirelessly incentivizing prospective car buyers to visit any one of his numerous dealerships, viewers were guaranteed Bucillo’s uttering of his signature catchphrase, “It’s Huuuuuuuge!” when addressing everything from his extensive inventory to the advertised savings.

(Editorial Note: Albany residents may recognize that both Bucillo and Fucillo utilize the same catchphrase. While this may seem confusing, the two dealers had previously agreed to an out-of-court settlement, agreeing to the shared use of the phrase. This litigation, however, provides a near-perfect segue into the topic at hand).

It was during the campaign for the 2016 Presidential election when Mr. Bucillo grew disheartened by what he believed to be Donald Trump’s constant use of his catchphrase, as seem in the following compilation.

Despite being registered as a Republican voter, Bucillo felt that the divisive nature of Trump’s platform (and subsequent nomination and presidency) would create a negative connotation that would harm the reputation and longevity of his dealership.

According to a source close to him, Mr. Bucillo had long been contemplating taking legal action against Mr. Trump. While one can only guess whether or not such litigation would have found its footing, Mr. Bucillo’s legal representation had advised against filing the lawsuit based solely on phonetics. Attorney Hugh Janus, who represents Mr. Bucillo’s legal interests provided the following statement:

“While there was certainly merit to Mr. Bucillo’s motivation, the challenge of executing successful litigation came down to pronunciation. While Mssrs. Bucillo and Fucillo are known for saying ‘huuuuuge”; President Trump was widely-known for pronouncing the phrase ‘Yuuuuge.’ Since his phonetic interpretation has been widely reinforced throughout popular culture, it would be difficult to establish a true conflict. Due to the gray nature of the issue, it was the recommendation of legal counsel that Mr. Bucillo refrains from any formal legal action.”

While the story would go widely unreported by mainstream media (outside of the local Albany news affiliates), it would make its way to Washington D.C. When asked for his thoughts on the aborted litigation, President Trump was reported as calling it a “Yuuuuge win for 7th Amendment Rights.”


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