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Lousiville, KY – Attention Kentuckians, if you’re shopping for used cars, Louisville dealerships are making a play to ‘change the game’ as to what options you might have available to you in the years to come.

What is the common culture of the United States? If you think Patriotism is the answer, you’re fucking wrong. And if you’re offended by that (or carry any belief that caucasian English-speaking Christianity is the answer) well (a) you don’t pay much attention, and (ii) you might be kind of an asshole. No. What really links us together has nothing to do with nationalism, ethnic descent, religious beliefs, economic status, sexuality, gender or any of the common criteria that individuals are judged by. The common core of our country is our insatiable desire for entertainment, and one of the greatest sources for unifying entertainment comes from the $420+ billion sports industry.

And in Louisville, local dealerships are trying to take that ‘superfan’ mentality to an all-new level. Their contention is that team loyalty is so strong to their most notable franchises that it should be reflected on their streets, highways and parking lots. Their goal is to convince automakers to restrict available color options by region, to force displays of team loyalty.

“Look at the numbers,” says Chaz Tackleford, owner of Tackleford Chevrolet. “The majority of our sales are Red & Black, and rightfully so. In fact, a poll of our valued customers indicates that our sales would actually increase by 67% if we could guarantee them a Red, Black or Red & Black vehicle at the time of purchase. GO CARDINALS!”

This claim has fueled a petition to automakers, to determine if this is a possibility. And to keep the petition in line with national regulations on automotive distribution, legally-binding documents have been filed in order to speedily enforce the new restrictions should they be enacted.

So, if you’re the kind of car-buyer who enjoys the exploration of color-trends and the ever-expanding palette of colors that today’s models are being offered in, enjoy it while it lasts. If Louisville dealerships are successful in their efforts, it could serve as legal precedent, allowing other sports-centric cities to enforce similar restrictions. So, regardless of whether you root for college or professional teams, no matter if Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey or (hell, even) Soccer is your preferred source of Sports Entertainment, you better start digging those color schemes. They may be all you have to choose from come 2025.

This, of course, sends many car owners into an uproar triggering more questions than answers. Los Angeles resident, Chris Tamison asks, “Do we get our choice of colors from every college and professional team in our area? Or do they limit it to select sports? Are the offerings seasonal?” Truth be told, we don’t know. And it’s the uncertainty that seems to be the shared concern.

On the other hand, Boston ‘superfan’ Murph O’Sullivan has no concerns stating, “My heart fahkin’ bleeds Green, White, Blue, Red, fahkin’ Silvah, Black, Gold. It’s all fahkin’ good, kid. ALL. FAHKIN’. GOOD.”


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