#LoveWins as Florida Man Weds Chevy Truck in Local Ceremony

A person is shown being interviewed about Chevy trucks for sale by Channel 10 News.

Every June, we recognize the LGBTQ community during Pride Month. Whether it’s a show of solidarity or a pledge to protect the rights and freedom they deserve and are entitled to, we’re all expected to stand in union with the people of this community. And while the #LoveWins hashtag is certainly present at this time of year all over social media, this slogan has recently taken on a whole new meaning for Thomas Shannon, a resident of Clearwater, FL.

Each and every day, residents in Florida and all across the United States, embark to their local Chevrolet dealership. While many go there for the express purpose of looking at the Chevy trucks for sale, Mr. Shannon’s recent trip to the dealership ended with something different entirely: a marriage proposal. In recent years, we’ve all witnessed true love take many unique forms and are celebrated in countless ways. This one truly shifts the paradigm, and shows how wonderful the expression is between not just a man and someone else of the human race, but the all new 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500.

It all began when Mr. Shannon visited the floor at Carpenter Chevrolet, a local dealership that had just received a fresh batch of trucks to sell. “I got divorced not too long ago,” Mr. Shannon told us. “That’s when I saw it, the most beautiful sight my eyes have ever laid eyes on. The headlights seemed to be looking right into my very soul.” Mr. Shannon purchased the truck at once, no test drive, no package upgrades, not even worrying about extended warranty coverage. We asked Mr. Shannon why such an impulsive buy was made. “There’s a lot of different words and phrases that have been used to describe the phenomenon, but it’s most commonly referred to as ‘love at first sight.’”

We asked Jimmy Gaines, the salesman who sold Mr. Shannon, what his thoughts were. “I wish I had more customers like that. No sales pitch was necessary. He said he wanted it ASAP, and drove it home within the hour.”

While that might have been the end of the story, it was just the beginning. At Hubbins Wedding Chapel last Thursday, Thomas Shannon and a 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500 were joined in holy matrimony. The ceremony was a small one, with the bridal registry being made at AutoZone. According to Shannon, planning the wedding was much easier than he could have ever imagined. “It was a small ceremony with a few close friends, and some of the staff from Carpenter Chevrolet were there to lend their support. The cake was the hardest part, but I ended up getting a topper with a bride and groom, removing the bride, and replacing her with one of my son’s Matchbox cars.”

The question that many people are wondering is how the marriage will be received, especially with the growing hostility towards the LGBTQ community from Governor Ron DeSantis. We were fortunate enough to speak with an ACLU representative who filled us in on some of the state statutes. Much to our surprise, it’s not without precedent. In 1953, Alphonse Michael wed his donkey, Brutus, after the two of them fell in love while working on the same tobacco farm. It’s what’s called the “Donkey Show Doctrine.” The ACLU stated, “If a Florida resident could marry a service animal and have it legally recognized, then there’s nothing preventing Mr. Shannon from marrying a truck that’s commonly used for occupational duties.” He then went on to inform us that there’s no law stating that a man and his truck can’t get married. No matter where you stand on this matter, there’s no denying that love has won in Florida.


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