Pat the Patriot Sez: Biden and His Cronies Are Trying to Eliminate the Gas Station From American Life

Joe Biden is shown in front of a closed gas station near a Murfreesboro used car dealer.

It’s not easy being an American anymore. Ever since Biden stole the election, him and his cronies want to eradicate the way of life that we all love and hold dear. Remember when life was simple? Boys were boys, and men were men, and picking what you had to drive to work was easy—car or truck. Those were the choices, and our weekends were spent with a full tank of gas, a six-pack of Coors, and Grand Funk Railroad blaring on the stereo at full volume. Those were the days, and Biden and his cronies want them gone forever. I was getting a new pair of mud flaps at the used car dealer that’s right next door to the strip club, when I noticed something brand new. A sign advertising a Chevy pickup that runs on electricity. This can only mean one thing—that Biden’s plan to finally initiate a communist takeover and eliminate the gas stations from America has begun.

I know what you’re thinking, ”Pat, how is this possible? We still have plenty of pickup trucks and gas stations that bleed red, white, and blue.” Don’t be fooled by this false sense of security. This way of life is slowly being wiped away in favor of a communist resurgence that wants to turn us all into mindless machines, and it all starts with the gas stations that we all love being forced out of business. Remember how pissed we all were back in the day when Bob Dylan went electric? Well, the same thing’s happening right now with our trusted brands like Ford and Chevy taking up a communist agenda and forcing us all to ditch our gas-powered engines for the sissified electric motor.

More and more, the trucks and cars we grew up loving have been gradually phased out by these products of communist in-breeding. They use terms like “hybrid” to mask their far-left agenda and hide the plan that the liberals have wanted to hatch for years. They want to force the gas station industry out of business altogether. Think about it. The presence of more electric vehicles push out and take over the place of the gas-powered ones, the more Biden finally gets his way, and gas stations all across this great nation of ours are put out of business, and millions lose their jobs in the process.

But that’s only the beginning…remember the cold war? All those communist regimes doing their best to control the population by keeping certain information away from the public eye? It’s already begun. Every day when I’m watching the news, there’s some young beautiful couple driving a hybrid around town bragging about how they don’t need to stop for gas, which means those patriots who pump fuel to feed their families will have a harder time to make ends meet. Biden will stop at nothing until the entire blue-cooler working class is put out to pasture…just like Old Yeller. It won’t be long before Wally’s Filling Station on The Andy Griffith Show is replaced with a charging station. We need to take a stand, so our way of life isn’t forcefully taken from us, like the same way they took prayer out of school and outlawed bullying.

I know what you’re thinking, “Pat, how can we take a stand against Biden and his communist regime?” I’m glad you asked, and I’m proud that you want to be a patriot and take action. Here’s the game plan—find the vehicles with the biggest engines that choke down the most gas. If the government sees that fuel stocks are soaring, they’ll see how important gas is, and they might realize that gas stations will lose money if they keep pumping out commie electric trucks. Take a stand, join the fight, and say with pride, “Electric trucks ain’t natural!”


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