ford and chevy

Competition among automakers can result in actions that range from ‘overtly direct’ to ‘passive aggressive’. Sometimes the result is direct comparisons between specific makes and models, while situations may consist solely of the proverbial ‘throwing of shade’. Either way, automakers have always engaged in fierce competition for their respective piece of the pie.

With Ford’s F-Series reigning as the best-selling vehicle of all-time, the unenviable second-place among automakers goes to none other than Chevrolet. While Chevy has nothing to be ashamed of (sitting comfortably above any other competition) it simply can’t compete with what Ford has to offer. That is (possibly) until now.

Industry rumor is now speculating that Chevy models are in development, which will take direct aim at Ford’s iconic lineup. And by ‘direct’ we mean that the offerings appear to be so bold, that they are being equated to ‘an automotive middle finger, stating (in no uncertain terms) that Chevy is done playing second fiddle’.

If these rumors are true, the response is somewhat divided. Some insiders view it as an ‘inspired (even ballsy) show of assertiveness’, while others view the rumors as ‘disappointing and devoid of class’.

But what are these rumored offerings, that are proving so divisive within the industry? Here at THE LEMON, we have obtained insider information, but share it with the understanding that it should be taken with a grain of salt.


New Chevy Trucks

It begins with Chevy’s rumored plans to replace the Colorado and iconic Silverado offerings with a new line of trucks. Intended to call out Ford’s F-Series, Chevy’s FU-Series will start off with the FU-F150 and will continue on to such SuperDuty vehicles as the FU2-50.

While General Motors CEO Mary Barra was hesitant to confirm or deny such plans, her reply was as follows. “If Chevy were to take aim at Ford, it’s safe to say that the F-Series would find itself in the crosshairs. Granted, they provide an amazing benchmark for all automakers to aspire to, but sometimes you just gotta say ‘F.U.’”


New Chevy Cars

While it’s difficult to form any decisive conclusion from Ms. Barra’s statement, her impassioned use of the phrase ‘F.U.’ seems like damning evidence in support of the rumors. With that in mind, it seems simple to validate the rumor that Chevy’s car offerings will include the  Chevy FU-sion.

While this seems like a clever continuation of the FU naming that fits the truck series so well, it doesn’t extend as organically to other components of Chevy’s lineup. After a while, it just sounds like Chevy is taking Ford offerings and adding ‘F.U.’ to the front of it.


Fact or Fiction

Whether or not there is any truth to the rumor of Chevy’s FU-Series remains to be seen. In our opinion, the idea is both ball-sy and juvenile, and we don’t feel that it’s our place to judge. One thing we do agree on: the douchebags will be lined up around the block if there ends up being a Chevy FU-Stang.


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