Samuel L Jackson: Ready to Sell Some MF’ing Used Cars

Samuel L Jackson in front of a used car dealership

Cincinnati, OH – When looking for used cars Cincinnati drivers have plenty of dealerships to choose from, from the diverse selection of Cincinnati Auto Credit to the homespun charm of Lo’s Auto Sales. But in a surprising turn of events, one of the biggest names in Hollywood is about cause ripples in the Queen City automotive marketplace. And while one can only guess the effect it might have on competing dealerships, one thing is for certain: there’s going to be a whole lot of MF’ing going on.

(Editorial Note: For the benefit of the general audience, the offensive wording in this piece has been modified to replace a repeated profane expression with an abbreviated, and more palatable, replacement)

From ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Snakes on a Plane’, to the Marvel Comics ‘Avengers’ franchise, Samuel L. Jackson has reigned as one of Hollywood’s most recognizable mainstays for the better part of three decades. And like many iconic leading men, one does not cast Sam Jackson with the expectation that he’ll become immersed in a character, shedding any semblance of his true self. We’ll leave that to the Christian Bales, Gary Oldmans and Jared Letos of the world. No, you cast Sam Jackson for one reason (and one reason alone): you need an authoritative, unhinged black man (and preferably one to yell “MF’er” a whole MF’ing bunch, through the entire MF’ing movie…)

And now, hot on the MF’ing heels of fellow thespian(?) Mark Wahlberg, Jackson has set his MF’ing sights on the world of auto sales. But unlike Wahlberg, whose name is now emblazoned upon a Columbus OH Chevy dealership as a MF’ing co-owner of the franchisee location – Sam Jackson seems intent on carving out his own MF’ing path. Or at least that’s the impression given, by a teaser commercial that has aired across Cincinnati network affiliates in recent months.

The TV spot opens to an expansive darkness, with a MF’ing single spotlight shining downwards. A shadowy figure steps into the light revealed to be Samuel L. Jackson in all his MF’ing glory. His voice echoing, as is he’s a large, empty auditorium, he asks the question, “How do you know you’ve chosen the right dealership?” Cutting to a tight closeup, he stares intently into the very souls of the MF’ing viewer before saying, “It’s the one that says Bad Mother(Bleep)er on it.”

Even with the censoring required of network advertisers, the message is clear. And it’s really no surprise that the name of Jackson’s flagship dealership is ‘BMF Used Auto Sales’. All things considered, it’s a pretty MF’ing impactful marketing campaign.

And Cincinnati seems to be eating it up, with prospective car buyers delaying their plans  to purchase a vehicle, until BMF Used Auto Sales opens its doors April 1st.

So, if you’re in the MF’ing market for the best MF’ing quality in pre-owned vehicles, don’t settle for just any dealership. Make your plans to visit Samuel L. Jackson’s BMF Auto Sales in Cincinnati OH. But none of you MF’ers better plan on trying to dick him over. After all, does he look like a bitch?


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