Used Chevy Trucks

It goes without saying that we here at THE LEMON take great pride in finding unique and interesting stories within the automotive industry. I mean, sure…you might go to ‘Car and Driver,’ ‘’ or some other more reputable site for your hardcore news and research, but if you want to hear about the legal battle between KIA and the Kardashians, or the correlation between the Chevy Bolt and anal probes, we’re the site for you. Bottom-line, our team of writers works diligently to add a new perspective to any automotive story. We aspire to tell breaking news stories in real time and engage in the conversations which our readers demand. And with that in mind, it was brought to our attention that (somewhere along the line) a topical deadline had been missed. Unfortunately, our crack team of intrepid investigators and prolific wordsmiths were all tasked with other assignments at the time of this discovery. Publishers were occupied with their own workload, as were graphics professionals and our crack team of social media gurus. So with no other choice (and a raging deadline to meet), we’ve asked Ashley, head of our HR Department to research used Chevy trucks and compile the information. And her reaction (“Ugh. Are you f*cking kidding me? I will blow up f*cking house! Do you hear me? Your…f*cking…house!) just goes to show the enthusiasm with which she’ll be tackling her research. Hopefully, we’ll be able to blend her research seamlessly with our signature style. Here it goes.


Buying Used

The decision to buy any used vehicle represents a certain level of financial prudence. It means that you understand how significantly a new vehicle can be depreciate within a short period of team, without diminishing a vehicle’s quality. Also, you’re probably a cheap f*ck. If you think I’m going to set one foot in some beat-up piece of shit, you can go eat a back of dicks.


Chevy Offerings

As one of the legendary ‘Big Three’ among domestic automakers, Chevy has an unquestionable reputation even before you factor in their wealth of offerings. And with that in mind, let’s explore some of the most appreciable features of recent model years of the Chevy Silverado.

Since 2015 the Silverado has had horsepower. And if that’s not enough, there’s torque as well. Everyone knows that the best trucks do, and the Silverado is no exception. The Silverado can go from 0-60mph in seconds, and I’d describe its fuel economy as “good.” In terms of cab and bed styles, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you need to transport a bunch of drunk co-workers to their respective homes, they can fit inside, pass out in the bed, or be strapped to the roof.

But it’s the storage that really makes the Silverado worthwhile. Consider the convenience of a flippy-downy thingy, where you can put pretty much everything. Whether you’re talking about 37 receipts, wads of paper money, random credit cards or a taco. Plus, it doubles as a theft-deterrent because anyone who tries to open the floppy-downy thingy can be knocked unconscious if they release the contents under pressure.

And don’t forget the slidey-backy thingy. Whether you’re shoving CDs in it, a bag of Combos, two “road-sodas” or a concealed weapon. The Silverado has storage options to spare.


Would I Buy a Used Chevy Silverado?

Of course (no way) I would (I wouldn’t). Regardless of which model year, model or trim level you choose from, they’re amazing trucks (I just wish there was a place to hide a body).


Editor’s Note:

Moving forward, THE LEMON feels it might be best that Ashley resumes her traditional responsibilities. But we do thank her or stepping in to help and have left a bonus check in her flippy-downy thingy.


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