80’s Wrestling Icon Gets Steamy About the Ford Explorer

A white 2023 Ford Explorer is shown in a sauna.

In recent years, former professional wrestler “The Iron Sheik” has gained a second career as a social media darling. Known for his unchained personality and unique use of the English language, which is usually laden with insults and profanity, he’s never dull in any podcast or interview. With the all-new 2023 Ford Explorer coming out, we reached out to see what Sheik had to say about the vehicle that’s long been the flagship of the Ford SUV fleet.

First off, we would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with us today.

“You fucking jabroni, you bring me here to the building, you pay me the money, or I put you in the camel clutch, make you humble.”

We assure you that payment will be dispersed after the interview is over. We wanted to get your thoughts on the new Ford Explorer.

“The Ford is a ultimate jabroni, make the vehicle that no one wants. In 1988, I drive the Ford from San Diego to Los Angeles in the California. Highway patrol pull over Iron Sheik, and try to tell me my driving license is expired. I tell him to go fuck himself, or I make him humble. The jabroni hit me with the pepper spray. Take me to jail.”

If we can stay on topic, please.

“You no tell Iron Sheik what to say about your jabroni job or the Ford explorer. All the intelligent wrestling fans KNOW that Toyota number one brand, Ford is the howdy doody weakling.”

We feel that the Ford Explorer is a much better choice for the upcoming model year. Now, could you tell us why you feel Toyota is a much better brand? Surely we can disprove some of your points.

“The Toyota pay Iron Sheik in the 1980s. They pay me the money to put the Toyota over and make Ford humble by putting them in the camel clutch. I make the Hulkamania. I make the Toyota.”

So, rather than explain why one vehicle is better than the other, it matters more than a company pays you. Isn’t that slightly hypocritical on your part?

“You want me to put over the Ford? You pay me the money. The Iron Sheik know what makes the world go ‘round. He make you know that you pay me the money for me to put over the Ford.”

Let’s try this again. The Ford Explorer has features such as Blue Cruise, which is a semi-autonomous driving assistance feature. What do you think about that?

“The Iron Sheik no go cruising. You look like you go cruising for the ten-inch cock.”

No, Shiek. We don’t mean going cruising; I mean that in the event of a commute down a long stretch of highway, this feature will serve as a hands-free driving method. What are your thoughts on that?

“Iron Sheik, no cruise. The hands-free option there so you can make passenger feel good with handjob. You fairy jabroni, Sheik put you in the camel clutch, make you humble.”

I Don’t think this interview is going anywhere.

“I no go anywhere you go, you want Sheik to take you to bathhouse, I beat you down like jabroni that you are.”

Needless to say, the interview didn’t go any further. While we tried to get the Iron Sheik to say SOMETHING good about the 2023 Ford Explorer, it just didn’t turn out that way. As they say in the wrestling business, the Sheik decided to go into business for himself. Stay tuned next week when we talk to Hulk Hogan about his thoughts on the new Honda Accord.


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