ACLU Targets General Motors on Behalf of Man with Lisp


Crowds of protestors swarmed General Motors corporate headquarters last Saturday on behalf of an automotive journalist named Steve Snyder. A newly successful YouTuber, Snyder had been commissioned to produce a video comparing the 2018 GMC Sierra vs 2018 Chevy Silverado; a comparison made difficult by a speech impediment which Snyder had been burdened with since childhood. After publicly sharing his struggles with the assignment, members of the American Civil Liberties Union (as well as a number of other special interest groups) were outraged, and waged war on General Motors for what they are calling ‘insensitive naming practices’.

For those who might be unaware, a lisp is defined as “a speech defect in which both s and z are pronounced as th.”

“Automotive Journalithm ith my job,” states Mr. Snyder, “and I make my living by reporting on newly releathed vehiculth, comparing different makthe and modelth to help conthumerth dethide whith are the betht fit for the unique demandths of their lifethtyle.”

The claim presented by Snyder and the protestors imply that General Motors is at fault for preventing Snyder from completing a professional obligation, by including the “s” sound in the naming their divisions and these two particular truck models.

“All that we are doing,” explains Libby Raahl, “is holding a corporation accountable for choices which alienate under-supported members of our community. General Motors thoughtless and insensitive decision to name their vehicles in a manner that prevents individuals from being able to pronounce those names is exclusionary. If we are going to create a truly inclusive society, we need to hold each other to a higher standard. We are doing GM a favor, enabling them to do right by everyone afflicted with a lisp.”

Mr. Snyder claims to be flattered by the attention and support that lisps have received as a result of the protests, but makes no claims of being an activist, or role model. “I’m jutht a guy. A guy who lovth carth. A guy who makth his living by pothting and threaming videoth about carth. A guy who happenth to have a lithp. I jutht hope that pothibly, we can make a differenth for lithping kidths everywhere and make it eathier for them to grow up and do what they love.”

As as compensation for sharing his story, Mr. Snynder has requested that The Lemon share his story in a manner respectful of his struggle, to help shine a spotlight upon those with similar struggles. As such, we’ll be republishing this story with a lisp (please excuse us, as we reset the narrative…)

Crowdth of protethtors thwarmed General Motorth corporate headquarterth latht Thaturday on behalf of an automotive journalitht named Thteve Thnyder. A thuccthethful YouTuber, Thnuder had been commithoned to produthe a video comparing the 2018 GMThee Thierra verthuth 2018 Thevy Thilverado: a comparithon made difficult by a thpeech impediment which Thnyder had been burdened with thince childhood…

(Thtory continued on page thix)


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