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When searching for Chevy Dealers, drivers might have any number of vehicles in mind. Perhaps they’re considering the tech-savvy urban design of the Chevy Spark. Maybe their needs call for a crossover or SUV, along with the lines of the Trax or the Traverse. And of course, some drivers never own anything other than a truck. Whatever their preference, there’s a Chevy perfect for each and every one of them.

Consider a city that nearly three-quarters of a million people call ‘home’. Most Americans might relate it with MLB bats or Derby hats, but may not be aware of the significant population boom it has experienced over the last fifteen years. Nearly tripling since 2000, it has enjoyed growth as a result of affordable home pricing, job growth, and country consolidation. Sounds great? Well, it is, but it’s not perfect.


Vehicle Theft

If a city experiences 51 crimes per thousand residents, citizens may be all-too conscious that their city has one of the highest crime rates in America; and they should be. Statistically speaking, this means that one in twenty citizens are likely to be the victim of violent or property crime.

So, for many car owners and prospective buyers, there is a looming threat of vehicle theft. Such an uncontrollable negative should never sully someone against investing in a new vehicle, but it does raise some questions as to which vehicles might be most susceptible to theft.

Well, the good news is…if you’re headed to a Chevy dealer you just improved your odds! Among the most commonly stolen vehicles are the Honda Accord, Civic, F-Series trucks, Toyota Camry, Corolla, RAM trucks and Nissan Altima.

And if you think that’s because they’re more desirable, it’s a popular misconception that cars are stolen because the thief wants the vehicle for themselves. In fact, most theft is built around breaking down the vehicles for their parts, which are more profitable and easier to move. By that reasoning, it could be argued that the near absence of Chevy offerings, speaks to the lesser demand for Chevy parts. Maybe that’s because Chevy cars, SUVs and trucks are built to last longer…

And increases in theft protection technology encourage the disparity; making earlier model years more appealing due to the relative ease with which they can be stolen. So, you’re interested in buying a new Chevy? Great choice.


Award-Winning Offerings

Chevy’s longevity is only part of the story. Standing as the most awarded car company for the second year in a row, Chevy offers up a number of award-winning vehicles across their respective classes.

If we were to judge Chevy solely on the accolades received from J.D. Power and Associates, we could end the conversation in confidence. Earning ‘Most Dependable Small Car, Midsize Sports Car, Large SUV and Large Heavy Duty Pickup’ should instill any buyer with confidence. But the offerings are far more diverse, as are the awards.


Today’s Chevrolet

The subcompact Chevy Spark ranks among Kelly Blue Book’s ’10 Most Affordable Cars’ which is impressive considering the relevance of its funky, urban styling and choice of available colors.

Securing the pick for ‘Most Dependable Small Car’ is the sporty Chevy Sonic, an IIHS Top Safety Pick and one of KBB’s ‘Coolest Car Under $18,000’. The Chevy Cruze is designed with this same sense of fun in mind and is available in both small sedan and hatchback styling.

The Chevy Malibu (along with its hybrid variant) has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as ‘Best for Families’.

Also recognized by U.S. News as the ‘Best Large Car for the Money’, the Chevy Impala is celebrated for its value, as well as being named among KBB’s ’10 Most Comfortable Cars Under $30K’

Eco-warriors and sustainability-conscious drivers have plenty to get excited about. The Chevy Volt garnered multiple ‘Car of the Year’ awards when introduced last year. These feats were echoed with the introduction of the Chevy Bolt EV, named North American Car of the Year (a sentiment shared by MotorTrend and Green Car Journal).

Applauded by KBB for its Fuel-Efficiency and Tech-Savviness, the Chevy Trax kicks off the crossover and SUV offerings in style. A trend which is continued through its stablemates the Chevy Equinox and Chevy Traverse (which scores another endorsement as ‘Best Large Car for the Money’).

Earning the distinction of ‘Most Awarded’ inevitably goes to the Chevy Tahoe. J.D. Powers Pick for ‘Most Dependable Large SUV’ also rated U.S. News’ pick for ‘Best Large SUV for Families’. KBB agrees, listing it among their ‘12Best Family Cars’ and celebrating its ‘5-Year Cost to Own Value’ as well as its ‘Resale Value’.

Another KBB award goes to the iconic Chevy Suburban, noted as having the ‘Best Resale Value for a Full-Size SUV’.

Kicking off the truck offerings, the Chevy Colorado scores ‘Best Small / Midsize Truck’ awards from the likes of Autobytel, Edmunds and U.S. News & World Report.

Wrapping things up, the Chevy Silverado stands firm as J.D. Powers’ pick for ‘Most Dependable Large Heavy Duty Pickup’, and has for the last three years in a row. Praised for its value, it stands as yet another reason to consider a new Chevy.


Get a Deal. Stop the Steal.

I would never suggest that buying a new Chevy eliminates, or even minimizes, the risk of theft…but the statistics show some clear patterns. If nothing else, the indication that import brands and older models are more susceptible to theft, provide some small assurance.

Just be smart, regardless of the car that you drive. Lock your doors, roll up your windows and keep your keys on your person. You might even consider installation of an immobilization or tracking device (if you want to take vehicle security to the next level).

Buy the car that you want. Drive it well. Take care of it. With any luck, the only thing that will separate you from it will be your next vehicle.


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