Basement Dwelling Incel Intimidated at the Prospect of Woman Driving a Truck

A woman is shown standing in front of a red 2023 Ford F-150.

A notable aspect of the automotive industry is its inclusiveness. It’s a world that’s constantly evolving, both in terms of technological innovation and the changing needs of consumers. Possessing no provisions on who can own a vehicle and benefit from what the major manufacturers produce every year, people from all walks of life are free to take part in and reap the benefits. Naturally, there are always exceptions that prove the rule. With the 2023 Ford F-150 looking to make a huge impact on the upcoming model year, many drivers, both men and women, are looking forward to utilizing the flagship of the Ford fleet. Much to the dismay of one subculture who have caused quite a bit of controversy in recent years; the incel community.

Incel, a term that refers to males who are “involuntarily celibate,” have been known for their chauvinistic views on women’s roles, their entitlement to sexual intercourse, and in some cases, have even participated in acts of violence that have resulted in the deaths of innocent people. So, why is this a factor in regard to the upcoming model year? Ford, which has always been a company willing to supply its products and services to anyone who seeks them out, has come under scrutiny from the incel community for allowing women to drive their trucks.

According to the popular incel forum, Entitled2Intercourse, several within the community have made their opinions known about the recent revelation that there are women who drive Ford trucks and work jobs that are known to be a part of the manufacturing and construction industry. We dug up some of the posts from the message boards that are frequently visited within the community, and the postings were macabre and unsettling, to say the least.

“This is disgusting. Females don’t deserve to drive trucks, those are men’s vehicles, and as an MRA (Men’s Rights Activist), I plan on taking a stand against the systematic tidal wave of estrogen that threatens to dissolve the patriarchy.”

Another was more unsettling “I’ve been oppressed long enough. I’m entitled to intercourse, and it’s not fair that Nickelodeon keeps parading these shows with all these hot girls that aren’t even real. They’re trying to undermine our resolve to be submitted to by the female population who date jocks and guys who are athletically built. A woman who drives a truck is a lesbian. End of story.”

The backlash has led many to speculate just what the incel community plans to do. With such a long history of violence and undiagnosed mental illness, it’s quite possible that a violent reprisal could be the end result. Then again, maybe not. We reached out to Dr. Marvin Hibbard, Ph.D. Hibbard, author of Road Rage: The Psychology of Automobile Ownership, has a unique opinion when it comes to the concerns of incels finding a female driving a truck as a point of contention.

“It all boils down to one thing,” Hibbard claims. “The incel’s masculinity is one of the weakest things known to the professional field of psychology. The fear that comes from a woman driving a truck is linked to two variable factors. The first is what we typically know as “mommy issues.” This equates to the phobia of a woman being in control of anything. Naturally, a woman driving a pickup exerts a viable threat to his fragile masculinity. The second is an overwhelming fear of rejection. The incel is quick to assume that any woman with a pickup truck is a lesbian because, naturally, he needs an entity to blame for his shortcomings with the opposite sex. My advice to the incel is this; get a hobby, a call girl, and a life. I’m sure Sigmund Freud would have said the same.”



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