Five Keys to Choosing the Right Online Car Seller

A man is shown browsing for an online car dealer while wearing a clown nose.

If you’re shopping for a car online, then you’ve made a good choice, and I’m proud of you for getting to this point on your own –– but your brain has taken you as far as it can. Now, you need me to pick up the withered husk of your cerebellum and carry you the next hundred feet to the rich field of rewards that we call the online car market. It’s treacherous territory out there, my friend, and you don’t want to try to navigate it on your own –– not when I’m here to help you get a sense of what you should look for in an online car dealer.

Because rest assured, oh reader mine, that not all online dealerships are created equally – no, far from it. Some will provide you with a great experience that results in you getting a terrific vehicle that you will drive and enjoy for many years. Others will lure you into a scintillate web of virtual salesmen, password-protected chatrooms, and in-person meet-ups that result in the most odious personal violations imaginable. The following information was provided to me by an anonymous fan, and I’ve provided it, unread, for your pleasure.

Key #1 – Always Scroll Really Far Down Google

This is a secret the professionals use when shopping for a car online: don’t ever trust the first dozen or so results that Google spits out at you. Scam artists pay Google big bucks to get their hacker websites onto the top of their lists, and clicking just one link near the start can open your computer or phone up to viruses, Trojans, ad-attacks, backport intrusions, and slime soaks. Go well past the first couple dozen results before you start to give anything a serious look. Get to 300 or even 1,000 results before clicking on anything; you’ll thank me for this.

Key #2 – Beware of any .com or .org Websites

Speaking of important ways to avoid scam websites when shopping online for a car, don’t trust any website that ends in a .com or .org for its domain extension. It’s common knowledge that these website endings stand for “Corrupt Origin Material” and “Only Reprehensible Groups” and they’re exclusively used by scammers. What you want to do is stick with websites from countries that really understand how to protect your information, and that will help you find a great vehicle. Go with “.ru” and “.ga” whenever possible; “.gq” and “.top” are also excellent extensions that you know you can trust.

Key #3 – Don’t Trust a Name You Recognize

This may seem counterintuitive at first, but just think about it: if you’ve heard a name before, for a particular dealership or online car seller, then that’s because some scammer was trying to get you there! You’re not going to wander onto random websites and just start entering your personal information and bank account number, which is exactly why the scammers target you with sites that you’ve heard of and recognize. The only way to be safe is to wander onto random websites and just start entering your personal information and bank account number to ensure you avoid all of those high-profile scam sites that you recognize.

Key #4 – [File Not Found]

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Key #5 – Always Take Deliveries at Your Home

Once you’ve sealed the deal and come to an agreement with the Russian car-selling website of your choice – one out of Cambodia can also be a great option – then it’s time to have your new Lada Vesta delivered. Always have them deliver your vehicle to your home; it’s best to choose a time when you’ll be alone, preferably at night, so that it doesn’t interfere with your work hours. Just let Demetri know that you’ll leave the door unlocked so he can bring the keys and paperwork inside for you. This makes everything quick and really simplifies traffic from your home to the next designated location.

Editor’s Note: This is definite the way to shop for car online and hard we worked to verify all of information this provided above. Use this guide will help to get what you need and just to go ahead and do, please contact today for good fortune plus. Thanking much!


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