2018 Chevy Malibu

In the ever-tumultuous world of rock & roll, there’s no real surprise when bands break up, reunite or even swap-out members. Sometimes that occurs in the interest of keeping things fresh, but otherwise, it’s simply due to the fact that band members can’t get along (or have “creative differences” between them).

While many of today’s mass-produced (and dare we say, disposable) musical acts shouldn’t expect much in the way of longevity, a great example of band upset can be found most recently in the shake-up of classic rock band, Fleetwood Mac.

As reported last month, Fleetwood Mac was reported as having fired iconic singer/guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, replacing him vocalist Neil Finn of Crowded House and former-Tom Petty guitarist, Mike Campbell.

However, due to scheduling conflicts, neither Finn or Campbell are able to commit to every date on Fleetwood Mac’s touring schedule. With this mind, the band faced the pressure of finding yet another replacement, dependable enough to sit on those particular dates in question.

We spoke to Stevie Nicks, who explained that “Lindsey Buckingham’s relationship with both myself, and the band as well, was volatile to say the best. Since Neil and Mike possess the kind of work ethic we thought best fit the band, we used that as the model for seeking a truly dependable person to fill our roster for those other dates.”

Mick Fleetwood agrees, stating, “And what’s more dependable in the long-term than a Chevy Malibu?”

That’s right, according to sources close to the band, Fleetwood Mac’s roster on (at least) four show dates will be rounded out with the inclusion of a 2018 Chevy Malibu.

Puzzling music industry insiders, the decision was unexpected, to say the very least. As best explained by Rolling Stones Editor, Jason Fine, “Don’t do drugs, kids.”


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